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4 healthy snacks ideal to replace sweets

We know that sometimes our body asks us to eat something sweet. And it is in these moments when the anxiety that generates us can make us fall into the temptation of eating a cookie, a bun, a piece of cake … But, did you know that you can satisfy your sweet desires with healthy snacks?

We want to discover how to calm your desire to eat sweet 100% healthy. Therefore, in this article, we discovered 4 healthy snacks ideal to replace sweets. They are delicious alternatives and much more good to calm that desire and enjoy a healthy snack the sea of tasty. Keep reading: 8 Natural and Home Remedies for Asthmatic Cough

The healthy snacks to replace the sweets

healthy snacks

In order to  substitute sweets it is important that you know the foods that carry sugar naturally. In this way, your body will have this glucose injection but without that means filling us with saturated fats, trans or chemical elements.

You usually have to know that fruits are the queens of sweetness . They give us a large amount of natural sugars but, in addition, they also give us a great variety of minerals and vitamins beneficial to health . Therefore, whenever you feel like eating something sweet, try a piece of fruit and your cravings will calm down.

However, next we want to discover some of the best ways to  replace your sweet cravings in a different, healthy and delicious way:

Strawberry homemade ice cream with lemonade

When the good weather arrives, you want a delicious ice cream, right? But the truth is that ice creams are very greasy and are usually made with chemicals (flavorings, preservatives, etc.). But there is a way to enjoy this delight in a healthy way: preparing homemade fruit ice cream !

A great option to  replace the sweet  is to mix the strawberries with lemonade and, thus, create a delicious ice cream. To do this, you simply have to chop strawberries and prepare homemade lemonade. Place this mixture in a mold for the freezer and that’s it! If you want your ice cream to have a creamier touch, you can add a little skim milk or skimmed yogurt to the mix.

healthy snacks

Yogurt with nuts and fruit

To calm the anxiety and satisfy the desire to eat sweet , nothing better to have some food that is satiating and not fattening . Yogurt, for example, is a perfect option to achieve it. It is a food full of proteins and creaminess that will calm our desire to eat. But, for this craving to be healthy, nothing better than decanting for the skimmed version of yogurt because it is lower in fat and rich in protein.

But the desire for sweet may not end up being satisfied with this food. Therefore, nothing better than including some natural fruits that will give us that extra sugar we are looking for. You can incorporate your favorite fruit or make a mix with different varieties.

And if hunger tightens, nothing better than adding some nuts . They are rich in protein, in healthy fats and in fiber. Therefore, they will satisfy your appetite and give you very beneficial nutrients for your body.

Black, good and healthy cocoa

healthy snacks

If you can not resist the urge to eat chocolate , a good option is to opt for black cocoa. It is a perfect option to calm your desire to eat something sweet but without filling you with fat or empty calories. A very satisfying and delicious option is to choose to mix nuggets of this cocoa in a skimmed yogurt .

You can also add, for example, vanilla essence , a very sweet and delicious spice that will make you enjoy a delicious snack and very healthy!

Oatmeal with red berries

healthy snacks

And finally, another healthy and delicious alternative to calm your hunger for sweet is to prepare a snack based on oats and red fruits . These fruits provide us with a large amount of antioxidants and, in addition, they will bring us a sweet touch without equal.

Mixed with oats, you will enjoy a satisfying meal that will calm your appetite and your desire for sweetness. In addition, the oatmeal is very energetic which will be perfect to consume in the morning or before exercising. Note down these healthy snacks and don’t forget to share. You may also like:

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