5 available methods for cleansing the body

Today, we look at how you can still carry out a periodic or regular cleansing of the body with the help of simple and affordable methods.

Practicality driven body cleansing methods is absolutely proved, and the methods themselves do not belong to the field of bullying themselves. All of them are easy, enjoyable to perform, and some – and pleasing to the taste.

Consider each of these purification methods separate 5 and more closely…

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Cleansing the body with the help of carrots and beets

Easy to prepare and delicious salad of raw carrots and beets perfectly purifies the blood and stimulates the formation of increased levels of red blood cells. In addition to these qualities, such salad cleanses the liver and throughout the genitourinary system.

To prepare the salad you need to clean the carrots and beets peel and grate them on a coarse grater. After that, pour the vegetables any vegetable oil (it is better to choose from flax, camelina oil or olive oil) and mix. Salad ready. You can clean the body.

Cleansing the body with the help of watermelon

From July to the end of October, at a time when on the shelves appear ripe, natural and naturally ripened watermelons, a period of cleansing the body through watermelons.

Eating watermelon helps to cleanse the liver perfectly washes the genitourinary system. And when taken together with the watermelon brown bread, such combination products will contribute to intestinal cleansing, while enriching the body weight of mineral substances.

Purification of the organism using oatmeal

Another easy way to cleanse the body, which can be easily connected to any meal (usually morning) – is the regular consumption of oatmeal.

Porridge easy to digest contains in its structure a large amount of minerals and vitamins and is a must for non-violent natural excretion of toxins and impurities.

Also, most importantly, a lot of fiber in oatmeal, which stimulates peristalsis, cleanses it, bringing out all the unwanted scraps of food.

Cleansing the body with the help of brown rice

Brown rice, similar to oatmeal, copes with the excretion of toxins.

You can use this figure as an ordinary side dish to the food, but you can use a special method of purification. To do this for a week should eat brown rice as follows:

3 tablespoons brown rice is boiled until ready for use and 4 hours prior to receiving the basic food. Before receiving portions rice should drink 1 cup lukewarm water.

Bath and sauna to cleanse the body

All of the above methods of cleansing the body have been associated with the work of the excretory system. Now it is the turn to talk about the stimulation of cleansing the body through the pores of the skin.

As is known, the skin pores play an important role in the removal of toxins. But you need to stimulate long erection.

Bath or sauna perfectly cope with this task, achieving an increased release of sweat through enhanced by exposure to elevated temperature pores. The form of baths or saunas almost plays no role. It is important that the pores open and the body actively getting rid of accumulated harmful substances.

Sometimes even a single visit enough steam to the body can bring unwanted substances. In more severe cases, the procedure is necessary to repeat. It is only necessary to remember that along with the sweat from the body are derived many useful salts.

Therefore it is not recommended to visit the baths more often than 1 time per week. After baths should take care to use products containing potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and other minerals lost in sweat.

So, as you can see brush body can be not only a variety of savage methods, but also with conventional products. A visit to the bath or sauna, together with the purification, will provide an opportunity to spend a pleasant time in good company.

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