5 Natural antidepressants plants

We would like to present to you 5 natural antidepressants medicinal plants for depression, which among other things improve mood-enhancing, high-performance, sleep-promoting and anxiety-relieving and thus have a very positive effect on a depression.

This is a disease which, depending on its strength and form, cannot be overcome by itself. The self-medication with medicinal herbs should only be used as a support for a depression in addition to a therapy!

If pharmaceutical antidepressants are taken, it must be discussed with the doctor whether the respective medicinal herbs have no negative interaction.

1) Damiana

DamianĂ¡ is a medicinal plant widely used in Mexico. It is also known as Indian Tobacco and used as a smoking herb. Of course Damiana does not have to be smoked but can also be drunk as tea.

For this, simply add 3-5g per cup into a tea filter and let the Damiana tea pull for 10 minutes. The effect of Turnera diffusa is easily stimulating and awakening, as well as potency and natural aphrodisiac.

In this list Damiana appears, because it is also a natural antidepressant! It helps to improve the mood and also helps to get into the aisles.

The effect is subtle but clear enough! You can drink a Damiana tea every day, in the morning or at noon, smoke or vaporize some of it and so benefit from the antidepressant, stimulating effect.

2) Kratom

The Kratom is a psychoactive plant known for centuries, used by the as a ritual magical plant by South East Asia. The effect of the Kratom antidepressant is rather subtle but quite noticeable, similar to Damiana.

The Kratom has many different effects; it is supposed to aphorize, sedative, euphorize and have a psychedelic effect. It also acts as an antidepressant as it clears the mind, relaxes and improves the mood!

It is best to drink Kratom tea in the evening. 3-5g per cup is sufficient for an effect. Alternatively, the Kratom can also be smoked or vaporized.

3) Kanna

Kanna contains, among others, turtuosamine, mesembrin and mesembrinin, substances that inhibit serotonin reabsorption. Thus, the concentration of serotonin in the brain is greatly increased, resulting in a euphoric, empathic feeling.

Kanna is a powerful psychoactive plant. It acts as an aphrodisiac and potentium, antidepressive and is consumed by natural-religious strains as a traditional plant.

Kanna can be taken nasally (sniffed), smoked/vaporized or swallowed. Nasal is the effect very strong, to achieve a pleasant, mood-improving effect is Kanna best oral one.

The mixed use with other serotonergic substances (such as antidepressants) may be dangerous. Serotonin can be a dangerous serotonin syndrome. In terms of natural antidepressants, Kanna is at the forefront, the intensity of the effect is really not to be underestimated!

4) Blue clitoris

The Blue Clitorium, also called a sham flower, is a widely used medicinal plant. It is used mainly in Ayuverda and in Asian medicine, the flowers should be aphrodisiac, the seeds are laxative and the dried herb is used as an antidepressant.

The herb is also anxiolytic (anxiety relieving) and antiepileptic. You can make a tea from the dried leaves as well as from the flowers by pulling about 3-5 g per cup for 10 minutes in hot water.

It is not clear whether the dried flowers contain psychoactive substances, but it is certain that they contain antioxidants.

5) Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a medicinal plant widespread in ayurvedic medicine, it is considered a cure-all. In Ayurveda, Withania somnifera is something like ginseng in Chinese folk medicine!

The healing effects of Ashwagandha are multifaceted, the plant is used as aphrodisiac/potency, sleeping aids, and soothing agents or as a tonic.

In general, it has a soothing and stress-relieving effect, one feels relaxed and can easily fall asleep. The sexual capacity, as well as the lust, is increased by the regular consumption of Ashwagandha.

Ingestion usually takes place in the same way as a food supplement, namely daily over a period of several weeks. Ashwagandha can also develop an antidepressant, anxiety-relieving, and calming effect when one doses high enough!

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