Essential for life: 5 Physical Exercises to Achieve Perfect Health

According to experts at Harvard, these are the basic practices you must perform if your health is perfect. Who does not care about their health? “Perfect health”, inside and out, is not only a matter of beauty. Exercising, eating as healthy as possible and beginning to take care of harmful habits are exercises to invest in a more enduring quality of life. Here we present 5¬†physical exercises to achieve perfect health.

Harvard University asked I-Min-Lee, one of its specialists in physical activity, to make an assessment of the best physical exercises to protect heart and brain, the organs that maintain youth. The also expert in chronic disease prevention has stated that to have a good body and health does not need extreme sports, just a dose of basic physical activity. Continue reading: How to create your own relaxation and beauty spa at home.

The 5 physical exercises for perfect health


Physical Exercises to Achieve Perfect Health

This sport puts all the muscles to work, raises the heart rate and improves circulation. Swimming is good for people suffering from arthritis, since the joints do not have to carry weight. Our quality of life improves. Swimming allows you to delay the stage of aging; your motor capacity increases, as does your memory, since greater concentration and coordination is required.

Makes you more alert, more balanced and have a more efficient and faster complex reaction time; the wounds take less time to heal. You burn more number of calories. In the water your muscles work five to six times than on dry land.

Swimming increases your muscle mass and tones you up. Lengthen your muscles and improve your silhouette. One hour of this exercise allows you to burn up to 600 calories.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Chinese martial art and meditation in movement. Practiced slowly, improves concentration and deep breathing. Regardless of age and condition, this is an optimal exercise for anyone. When practicing TaiChi you must learn several series of movements, called Forms, this activates your memory, and in this way it will help you not to forget the most important things in your daily life.

Improve your physical exercises. You exercise different muscles that will strengthen your balance, in this way you will avoid falls and therefore your life improves. Increase your vitality. By breathing in a correct way you fill your leather with energy. There is a saying that says: “From the proper breathing comes the sensitivity and vitality.”

Tai Chi to perform well requires concentration, reflection and order, so in the end the person becomes a disciplined individual.



Training with weights involves loading. For strong muscles, a lot of weight and few repetitions. With an effective routine of 7 minutes you will see the difference, especially for adults, practice this two or three times a week and with constancy increases health considerably.

Dumbbells do not cost much, they are portable and available for sale in almost any department store. Keeping them in your room or office will allow you to do some repetitions of exercises whenever you have the time and want.

The benefit of a weight machine is that it will allow you to focus your mind on the effort, as opposed to mechanical movement. But, unless you have enough space at home for a machine, you will need a membership in a gym.

However, the main difference between free weights and machines is the fact that when using free weights, you can move in three dimensions: forward, backward, horizontally and vertically. This is important, because that is the way your body normally moves in everyday life.

When you use weights, therefore you end up involving more muscles, since you have to manage to balance the weight, while at the same time lifting it. The drawback is that you are at a higher risk of injury unless you maintain the proper form.



Much has been written about this action; Walking is medicinal, doing it 30 minutes a day benefits the muscles and brain. Adults aged 60 to 88 years who carry this out for 12 weeks improves neural connections, especially in regions that are related to memory loss. In addition, walking helps in cases of severe depression.

People who do not engage in physical activity are more likely to have diabetes because they do not burn the sugar they eat. Therefore, walking on a regular basis will cause your body to process this substance faster, and thus prevent you from suffering from this disease.

Sex and exercise go hand in hand. In a study of women between 45 and 55 years old, those who exercised, including walking, reported not only more sexual desire, but also greater sexual satisfaction.

Kegel exercises

Kegel Exercises

Ancestral practice for men and for women. These physical exercises technique strengthens the area of the perineum and pelvic muscles: rectal area, uterus (in the case of women), prostate (in the case of men), bladder, intestinal cavities, rectum and sexual organs. This improves sexual health and prevents incontinence.

Performing kegel exercises on a frequent basis is a way to combat premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, reveals the study “A new treatment for premature ejaculation: The rehabilitation of the pelvic floor”.

This research reveals that up to 83% of men who had suffered premature ejaculation z at least five years and had also tried other treatments without success. After 15-20 sessions of these physical exercises for this condition, were able to control it successfully doing this kind of physical exercises.

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