more beautiful skin in 5 days

5 tips for a more beautiful skin in 5 days

A more beautiful skin in 5 days is possible! We often think that having a beautiful skin requires a lot of effort and especially time. However, it is quite possible to have a better skin in just 5 days. Do you not believe us? This is the truth! Here is a 5 days’ program to get a nicer skin at the end of the week! Apply without moderation, today to forget your complexes and smile to life! During these five days, do not forget to clean and moisturize your face.

5 Days 5 Tips for a more beautiful skin

Sometimes we neglect the importance of our way of life on our skin, as well as the influence that the products we apply to it have on it. In five days, if we really change our habits and apply some simple tips, it is quite possible to observe real progress in her skin. One pays attention to drink a lot of water during this period and to adopt a balanced diet, by consuming more vegetables and fruits for example. Let’s go for these beauty tips!

Day 1: Exfoliate your body with a more beautiful skin in 5 days

For a more beautiful skin in 5 days, we start by exfoliating the skin of her body. Indeed, exfoliating your skin eliminates the dead skin remaining on your skin and prevent moisturizers from penetrating the skin. We choose an exfoliant that suits us well according to its skin type. If you have sensitive skin, you prefer a small grain exfoliant. If instead, one does not suffer from skin sensitivity problems, a coarse exfoliant is preferred.

more beautiful skin in 5 days

We choose to exfoliate after showering. It is important to go slowly. If you have rashes, parts of the skin that tend to blush or peel, avoid exfoliating your skin. After exfoliating, it is important to moisturize your skin so that it retains its softness. You will notice the difference, especially in your legs. These will be sweeter than ever. Keep reading: Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fear The Aging Process

Day 2: the eyes

For a more beautiful beauty in 5 days, it is important to apply eye cream on the second day. Indeed, your gaze really changes depending on whether or not you have healthy, hydrated and rested skin around the eyes. A good cream will indeed disappear your dark circles and your pockets over time. You will have a more awake look. We choose a cream containing collagen, which helps the cells to regenerate.

more beautiful skin in 5 days

Let your cream be absorbed by your skin for at least half an hour before going to bed. If you do not have an eye cream, do not panic! Simply cut cucumber slices and apply them to your skin. More natural, cheaper and just as effective! Indeed, cucumbers contain a lot of water and therefore allow to moisturize your skin but also to provide collagen so that it remains young looking.

Day 3: Exfoliate his face

For a more beautiful skin in 5 days, remember to exfoliate the skin of your face the third day. If you feel that your skin is losing its natural shine, you should really exfoliate it. By removing the dead skin that is cluttered on your skin, you will allow it to breathe better and thus to regain its natural brilliance and clarity. It is preferable to exfoliate the face in the evening to avoid redness.

more beautiful skin in 5 days

However, if you have very sensitive skin, it is best to avoid exfoliating it as a rule. However, all other types of skin support very well that they are exfoliated once or twice a week. Your skin will become more beautiful, smooth and soft. You start by exfoliating the outside of your face before going back in, making small circles with your fingers. Do not forget to moisturize your skin once it has been exfoliated! You may like also:

Day 4: a mask

The fourth day of our most beautiful skin in 5 days? We choose to make a mask. It depends on the desired effect. If you have dry skin, choose a moisturizing mask, rich in oils and eggs, for example, that will deeply nourish your skin and make it softer. If you suffer from tightness in the skin, it is also a good idea to stop them.

more beautiful skin in 5 days

However, if you have oily skin, prefer to use a clay mask, which will absorb the excess of oils present on your skin. You will notice that your skin will quickly become matte, and less oily. If you have redness on the skin and want to make it go away, making a yogurt mask can help. Lactobacilli contained in yogurt can significantly reduce inflammation.

Day 5: a vitamin cocktail

The best for the end! Since our beauty comes first from our plate, we do not forget to eat something that makes us feel good! Or rather here in this case to drink! Indeed, to have a more beautiful skin in 5 days, we will choose to consume a green smoothie on the fifth day. Why? Simply because if it is well prepared, it contains a lot of excellent elements for your skin!

more beautiful skin in 5 days

The best green smoothie for the skin should contain kale, spinach, cucumbers, almond butter, lemon juice, ginger, and parsley. It is delicious to taste, easy to prepare, will have an extraordinary effect on your health but also on your skin. So why not try? We promise you that you will not regret it! So we start!


We try to explain more beautiful skin in 5 days with 5 amazing tips for your glowing skin. We try to you look more beautiful and younger. If you have any ideas and tips to get more beautiful skin, please share with us your ideas. We always respect our reader’s thoughts and ideas.

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