6 Methods Of Natural Tips For Attention Deficit

The naturopath gives some tips on nutrition, food supplements and lifestyle. Of course, they are only indications; however, they can also be useful for children with ADHD.


The first step toward health comes from food.

A diet based on “junk food” rich in additives, preservatives and sugars is definitely not suitable for a child.

Often in these cases, the rehabilitation must start it from their parents and this is something more complicated. You need to start to introduce lots of fruits and vegetables so much, to go to replenish the vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

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Fish Oil

The fish oil pills are a natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

These are considered vital for metabolism, but generally are not found in most regular meals and therefore are not present in sufficient levels with a normal diet. The fish oil supplements help to balance this deficit.

Many healthy people take fish oil supplements as part of their daily regimen and recently also those who suffer from ADHD have started to look to Omega-3 fatty acids as a natural remedy for your trouble.

Fish oil is the cheapest source and readily available in Omega-3, therefore, a natural drug is considered highly beneficial for those suffering from ADHD.


Even the deficiency Magnesium is a common problem in children with ADHD, and could be linked to the disorder symptoms.

This is worrying because magnesium is one of the minerals essential for good health, as it helps the whole body from the functions of the immune system to the muscular system. Low levels of magnesium cause irritability and restlessness, which are also common symptoms of ADHD.

Fortunately magnesium, unlike the omega-3 fatty acids, can be found naturally in many foods, including green grains and vegetables, but sometimes this is not enough and it is necessary to introduce it with preparations.

Vitamin B

One of the most common vitamins in the diet everyday is also one of the most recommended to help treat ADHD. The B vitamins are essential vitamins for brain function, as well as to calm the nervous system.

ADHD is a disorder that affects directly and reduces certain brain functions. A suitable supplement of vitamin B in particular B12 can help restore some of these functions, or at least reduce the negative effects of ADHD.

The vitamin B complex are readily available commercially in various forms and flavors to suit all tastes.


Often the lifestyle of the children of our generation is not very healthy.

It is advisable to avoid scrupulously tablet, mobile phones and TV as electromagnetic currents can go to further increase the child’s agitation.

On the contrary a great way to therapy might be to completely immerse themselves in nature: for example walking in the woods are extremely soothing and relaxing for both the body and the mind.

Flower Therapy

There are different flowers of Bach that can help in such situations: Impatient, Cherry Plum, Holly, Red Chestnut …

There are also two commercial mixtures of Australian flowers well suited to these situations, Stop Stress Concentration and if used for medium-long periods are able to calm and balance.

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