benefits of vitamin D from the sun

7 benefits of vitamin D from the sun

Natural light makes us feel better, happier and optimistic thanks to the benefits of vitamin D. It is true that the sun recharges the batteries. The source of this well-being is the production of vitamin D, 10 minutes a day are enough to recharge your deposits. 90% of vitamin D is generated by our body with exposure to natural light and the other 10% comes from food with products rich in this vitamin such as dairy, eggs, veal, bluefish, mushrooms or wheat germ.

Benefits of vitamin D from the sun

Discover the benefits of vitamin D! As long as you do not abuse it and protect your skin to the maximum. Keep reading: 6 plants for spring allergies natural treatment.

Stronger Bonesbenefits of vitamin D from the sun

Ultraviolet rays promote the production of vitamin D in the skin. it is essential for the mineralization of the bones since it helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the intestine and prevents its loss in the kidney. You only need 10 minutes a day of sun exposure to recharge our vitamin D deposits. A natural way to prevent osteoporosis. Keep reading

Improves acne and psoriasisbenefits of vitamin D from the sun

A moderate exposure to mild sunlight (avoids the central hours of the day) helps to alleviate skin problems such as acne or psoriasis. The achievement is progressive, after the first week of cleaning impurities, the sun improves the appearance of the skin.

Strengthens our immune system

The sun increases our defenses against infections. Such as colds and flu because it increases the production of lymphocytes or white blood cells.

Control cholesterol

Ultraviolet rays are necessary to metabolize cholesterol and help the fat does not stick in the arteries. Get the benefits of coconut water:

Reduce blood pressure

The sun has a vasodilator effect that increases blood circulation and reduces blood pressure by increasing vitamin D levels and lowering the levels of the parathyroid hormone that regulates blood pressure.


The injection of vitamin D in the body protects against the appearance of tumors of the breast, breast, colon, stomach, ovary, bladder, uterus, lymphomas and prostate.


benefits of vitamin D from the sun

UV rays increase the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that produces a feeling of well-being; increase testosterone, responsible for sexual appetite; and decrease the melatonin responsible for regulating sleep cycles at night, so with sunlight we feel more awake and active. We are happier thanks to serotonin, we sleep better because of melatonin and we have more sexual appetite thanks to testosterone. Get the benefits of vitamin D.

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