Anxiety makes you anxious person? Take advantage!

A terror that meeting arrives in which corresponds to speak of the statements of accounts; face that fearsome customer, that although it represents greater income for your company, it is also your biggest demand; or simply give a presentation in an auditorium. These can be situations that unleash unpleasant sensations and emotions.

Some call it “the effects of being under pressure”, but others have learned to live with it and know it is about way: Anxiety. It is a faithful and almost eternal companion that can drag you to the darkest and immobilize you so that you do not do anything, or on the contrary: It can be your loyal companion if you take her to see how you discover new skills in the midst of uncertainty.

The Danish philosopher Kierkegaard went further and in addition to finding in anxiety a whole science to study, he related it to creativity.

You can understand what happens to your body and mind when you find yourself in situations that border beyond the conventional and break your comfort bubble, but understanding it should lead you to activities that demand your full attention to create new things , so that anxiety becomes a spectator and not the hostess of that moment in your life.

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Using for anxiety

In the anxiety, multiple artists have found refuge to write each line, create musical compositions, organize projects and even start strenuous sessions that please to see materialized thoughts.

«Anxiety is the fear of the undefined, so that when we are in a moment of uncertainty we can feel dizzy, paralyzed to not know how to meet the problem that is presented to us. However, this anxiety can be a great teacher for the human being, so that if we guide it properly we can overcome obstacles that allow us to obtain experiences ».

The same philosopher told us that life does not need to be, nor does it need to offer our attention to all the requests that he was waiting in line. Life is a reality that must be experienced consciously to understand the order of priorities.

Now that you know, what are you going to do? Accommodate yourself with the destructiveness of everyday life or learn to take advantage of those emotions that invade you?

While you meditate or find something to do when anxiety overwhelms you, we leave you this practice of mindfulness to control it: Regulate breathing.

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