asthmatic cough

8 Natural and Home Remedies for Asthmatic Cough

People who suffer from an asthmatic cough, tend to suffer from episodes in which the breathing is obstructed. Asthma, this disease that hinders breathing, can become a chronic disease of the lungs that inflames and narrows the airways. It can affect people of all ages, although it occurs mainly during childhood.

That is, during an asthma attack, the walls of the airways in the lungs swell and the airways contract. This brings, consequently, less air in the body and a greater amount of mucus that obstructs, in turn, the pathways. The causes of these episodes can be reduced by factors such as tobacco smoke, dust mites, outdoor air pollution, and smoke from factories, cockroaches, mold, physical exercise, and so on. Keep reading: How to Make Dandelion Oil: 2 Recipes for Wrinkles.

What is an asthmatic cough?

asthmatic cough

An asthmatic cough (Cough Variant Asthma, from now on CVA or an asthmatic cough). It is a special type of an asthmatic cough. It is easy for it not to be correctly diagnosed or properly treated. The authors will present their therapeutic proposals that have been developed taking into account both the etiology and the pathological mechanism and the ideas of different schools.

CVA or also called latent asthma or an asthmatic cough is a special form of asthma. As progress has been made in understanding CVA in recent years, good healing effects have been achieved through MTC.

The mechanism of appearance and development of the CVA is quite complex. Research on the syndromes of TCM, therapeutic methods, prescriptions, and drugs is in full swing. In recent years, many scientists and physicians have contributed correct points of view regarding the etiology, the pathomechanism and the norms for the diagnosis and treatment of AVC.

People believe that the etiology and pathology of CVA are due to the late or incorrect treatment of pathologies of external origin that cause the pathogenic factors to be retained in the lung obstructing the lung Qi. This point of view coincides with that of modern medicine which holds that some patients with AVC have an allergic constitution and hypersensitivity of the respiratory tract.

Home Remedies for Asthmatic Cough

asthmatic cough

While this disease cannot be completely eliminated. It can be kept under control by preventing asthmatic episodes. Here we share ten home remedies to prevent and reduce an asthmatic cough.


Ginger tea is a natural alternative to relieve asthma because it has bronchodilator properties that will help you breathe better. This effect inhibits an enzyme that causes the muscles of the respiratory tract to contract, and at the same time activates another enzyme that relaxes the respiratory tract.


Thanks to its flavonoid called quercetin, the onion helps to relax the bronchi and to reduce the constriction of the respiratory tract. Among its compounds, which is known for its anti-asthmatic properties?


Previously, garlic was used as a natural medicine thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, the garlic extract significantly reduces the inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Lemon juice

Helps to prevent mucus from accumulating in the bronchi, improving breathing and cleaning the respiratory system of bacteria and germs that hinder the passage of air.


It is an expectorant and natural anti-inflammatory that helps eliminate phlegm. It is useful to remove mucus that accumulates in the airways and blocks the flow of air that could trigger or aggravate an asthma attack.

Ginkgo biloba

The leaf inhibits a substance that is found in the lungs and causes inflammation of the airways. It acts as a bronchodilator and reduces inflammation, so it is recommended to take an infusion of Ginkgo biloba leaves twice a day.


It is a spice with anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties, which helps to naturally control asthma. Turmeric has a protective action on the respiratory system.

Green tea

It is a natural source of theophylline. It is a substance with bronchodilator action that is part of numerous drugs used for the treatment of an asthmatic cough. It relaxes the muscles that support the bronchial tubes and is used to prevent and treat breathing, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing.

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