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The best green vegetables: what benefits do they have?

Chards, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, arugula, Brussels sprouts or curly cabbages … surely when you were 5 you hated green vegetables with all your might, but little by little they have been making their way into your diet. If you have not already done so, you should go straight to the green vegetables, one of the healthiest and most beneficial foods for our organism that we found.

You should eat green leafy vegetables at least three times a week , and the best thing is that you can add them to your salads or prepare delicious green juices with them. Keep reading: South Beach Diet, a very famous diet that works 100%

Benefits of green vegetables

green vegetables

Its characteristic green color is due to chlorophyll , the substance that as we were taught in school plays a key role in the absorption of energy during photosynthesis. Well, eating these green leafy vegetables we can enjoy the benefits of chlorophyll, starting with all the vitamins and proteins it provides, folic acid or minerals such as calcium or iron . Chlorophyll, rich in vitamin C , also strengthens the defenses , and the stronger your immune system the less likely you will be to fall ill.

Interesting aspects

Another interesting aspect of green leafy vegetables is that they help us lose weight. A regular consumption of these green vegetables will help you maintain a stable weight, since your caloric intake is almost 0 and it is about satisfying foods , which also help you control your appetite. They are rich in dietary fiber, which will improve intestinal transit , preventing problems of constipation , and folic acid makes them recommendable for women during pregnancy and lactation or for people with defensive problems, whether due to illness, stress or effects. of the medication.

green vegetables

In the chapter on minerals, calcium stands out , vital both for maintaining good bone health and for many functions of the organism: it regulates heart rhythm and nerve impulses , prevents insomnia and cramps, improves hormonal processes … Beyond calcium, give us a dose of magnesium and potassium impossible to find in processed foods . Before we talked about vitamin C – more present in green vegetables than in citrus – but do not overlook the presence of vitamin A, repairing and good for the eyes.

We ended up talking about the antioxidant power of green vegetables , key in the prevention of certain types of cancer. Antioxidants kill harmful free radicals , preventing cells from deteriorating and slowing their aging. The effects of environmental pollution or tobacco smoke are minimized -both in smokers and in passive smokers-; and if we add the few fats to the antioxidant power we find a food that reduces the chances of suffering cardiovascular problems .

The most recommended green vegetables

green vegetables

Go ahead that all green vegetables are equally recommendable, although in some cases some will be more than others. For example, arugula and spinach are very interesting if you are diabetic, have high cholesterol, in the case of elderly people with dementia or neurodegenerative diseases or to prevent cancer. In addition, spinach and canons are iron-rich foods – good for anemia – and help prevent osteoporosis . The chard also give us a lot of iron .

Cabbages are rich in folic acid , calcium, fiber or vitamins A, C and K; properties similar to those of lettuce , perhaps the leafy green vegetable that we consume the most. Lettuce helps to cure ulcers or gastritis, and its relaxing properties make it recommendable in cases of insomnia, stress, anxiety, palpitations, hypertension or irritable bowel syndrome. Finally, the broccoli and Brussels sprouts are antioxidants , and they help us detoxify the body. You may also like:

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