Summer Tips For Face

Summer Tips For Face | The Best Care to Prepare You

Now that summer is just around the corner and our agenda is full of plans in outdoor places. It is necessary to prepare the skin with special care. Be ready for tans in the sun, concerts and festivals that are to come. We give you a list of summer tips for face to renew our skin on time. We can wear it without complexes.

The daily stress to which we are subjected, an incorrect diet, the pollution of the cities or the bad use of cosmetics are some factors. That have affected in a very negative way the health of our skin, especially facial, during the winter. By That requires special treatments that restore vitality and youth to our face and body.  Continue reading: 5 tips for a more beautiful skin in 5 days.

Best summer tips for face

Summer Tips For Face

Moisturize your skin from within

Your skin does not show signs of swelling due to fluid retention. You should take two liters of water daily . However, this is not enough to avoid swelling. Keeping active and moving around will also help you release toxins. A natural help is to prepare an infusion of dandelion or rosemary once a week.

Purify your body

For summer tips for face it is not necessary to be one day with pineapple. You can go to an expert for a cleansing massage. The manual lymphatic drainage is the most effective to eliminate liquids. Since it activates your lymphatic system and cleanses your organism.

Get a thorough facial cleansing

The face is the area most punished by external agents. It is necessary to clean it properly and leave it free of grease and pollution. At the beginning you will need a cleaning weekly and then biweekly as maintenance.

Eliminates dead skin cells

Apply the facial cream on the dead layers of the skin is useless. So, it is essential to previously eliminate these inert cells to stimulate the renewal of the skin. A deep hydration to restore it completely. This is achieved with the chemical peel.

Summer Tips For Face

Currently there is the “Synergyage Glycocure” treatment based on glycolic acid that is not photosensitizing. That is, it can be carried out in all seasons of the year and in all skin types, except extremely sensitive skins. It is necessary not to expose yourself directly to the sun until after two weeks and in summer. As long as there is no direct exposure, this peeling can be done using 50+ sunscreen.

Apply facials with sunscreen

Throughout the year it is essential to use sunscreens. But from this time when the sun’s rays hit our skin more directly. Caring for the dermis is essential to prevent premature aging of the skin.

In short, if you want to restore your skin and it looks bright this summer, you must follow summer tips for face.

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