What are the causes of anxiety? What causes anxiety and panic?

Anxiety is not a simple disorder, but a complex, ingrown pile of difficult factors. We discover together the causes of anxiety that we must not underestimate!

Anxiety can surprise us from one moment to the next. Whoever suffers knows what we are talking about. You are at a dinner with friends in a safe and secure situation, one of which you can finally relax. And all of a sudden you start to feel strange, unclear feeling … a kind of confusion, the sight is blurred, you feel your heart beating as you never noticed before.

The same heart that begins to beat stronger and at its own pace begin to contemplate thoughts … negative thoughts, fears, worries. Everything looks different: you are in a different body, in a different brain. The eyes see otherwise, their hands are sweaty or trembling, the circulation gets tingling to their feet.

Anxiety or Panic

Often the anxiety stops here, but at times it spills, coming to panic.  Then the thoughts begin to while vertiginously toward a black hole, toward a vacuum that scares you. You’re afraid of losing control, you’re afraid to go crazy, not to breathe anymore, to die. Everyone will see you different, crazy, sweaty. Then maybe you’ll get a bad smell, you’re going to be on it.

You do not know what to say, but feel that your expression is halfway between dismay and terror. You would want to run away, in another place. But where? Looks like anxiety is all around you, everywhere, always and anyway. It does not let you breathe a moment, it’s coming down to you. I tremble, breathe, breathe more and more quickly, to the free fall. What does all this depend on? What are the causes of anxiety?

Causes of anxiety: The most common ones

You could write an entire encyclopedia just about the causes of anxiety. Causes of anxiety are the cause of all your problems, all the dysfunction and suffering. Anxiety is a parasite and as such, it can adapt to perfection in many situations. Indeed, in all. Anxiety can catch any shred of you and creep into its texture, its spinning, its texture. Among the fibers of any part of you, physical or mental, anxiety knows how to slip.

Anxiety has the properties of diffusion of fire, water infiltration, wind erosion, landscaping. As if it were not enough, anxiety is every element and substance. Finally, anxiety manifests itself in the sight and in every other way. You feel it in your ears when you cannot sleep and you hear a hiss that does not exist. When resting on the pillow, the heartbeat shakes like a trombone at Royal Albert Hall.

Feel the anxiety in the stomach and intestine, feel it in motivation and in the intentions, you see it coming out with sweat and with tears. When you are anxious, everything is anxiety and anxiety is all. But just because you give it to me. Yes, it’s all your fault. Or rather, it is your responsibility. We do not speak of guilt as an indelible imputation, but as a reversible attribution.

Somehow, whether you are aware or not, you have gone to the direction of anxiety. Sometimes the current, the external factors, can affect a lot, but only by accepting your responsibility, you will be able to exit. The causes of common anxiety are a set of factors of various kinds, including mental, social, nutritional, physical, and behavioral habits.

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