How to choose a perfume

How to choose a perfume, the complete guide

It may be invisible, but perfume plays a major role in a person’s appearance. “A beauty regime should make you feel safe and ready to face the day to day, and choosing the perfect scent, this feeling will only increase,” says John Stephen, a master perfumer, owner of the perfumery “The Cotswold.”

How to choose a perfume?

How to choose a perfume

The research of the University of Carolina in Prague shows that the smells they attract are complementary to their own, that is, to those that we have by nature. Keep reading: 5 things a woman wants to hear from her man

That is why trying to give someone a fragrance is really a very difficult and frustrating task since it is something totally personal.

But this is not about choosing the perfect colony for a loved one, that’s complicated. The meaning is to choose the perfect lotion for you, you will see that by finding the ideal you will feel much more confident and at the same time much more irresistible.

Sometimes it is very complicated to know what to buy, especially for all the types of perfumes that are on sale. To help you, we bring you these tips, with which you can find out which perfume is indicated with ease.

Types of perfumes

perfume types

Seasonal perfumes

You do not wear the same clothes throughout the year, so why use the same perfume at different times?  “You should have an essence for the different stages of the year, for day and night, but most importantly, to reflect your mood” Maybe you’re interested: Beauty tips to be the envy of all.

Carry it correctly

People think it does not matter how they put the lotion, but the truth is that they are not right. You will see that if you spray the colony in the exact places the difference will be noticeable.

The best place to do this is the pulse points of the body: the neck, the wrists and behind the knees. These are places where the heats are produced by nature and help to release the aroma throughout the day.

How to choose scent

Know your type

It is easy to feel pressured with the sellers that are inside the premises, that is why it is recommended to go with the options already though. You may also like:

“Decide first the classification: green, floral, aldehydic (bitter), chypre (heavy), oriental, fern (male), or citrus ” – advises John. “Ask them to show you only lotions corresponding to the classification that you have already chosen. Try them on the paper first, and then gently rub them on your skin. “

Take your time

Using perfume

Due to our biological constitution, the aromas are different depending on each body. “After having selected some types, try each of these perfumes on your wrist and go for a spin, letting it adhere well to your skin. Take as much time as you need, and if you can, just go the next day to decide. “

There is no better companion of perfume than a good smile: Learn the tips to have an ideal smile.

Types of perfumes by concentration

  1. Eau de Parfum: Contains between 14% and 23% of essential oils and lasts between 3 to 5 hours.
  2. Eau de Toilette: It contains between 8% and 15% concentration and lasts a maximum of 3 hours.
  3. Eau de Cologne: Contains approximately 10% of oils, therefore, does not really last long.

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