Cooked vegetables: 7 contrasted reasons why they are good for your health

Vegetables provide significant amounts of fiber, vitamins and minerals , which makes them a good way to meet your nutrient needs. Whether you eat your cooked or raw vegetables or vegetables , or the cooking method you use, both raw and cooked vegetables are nutritious .

Cooked vegetables are good for your health

Availability of nutrients

Actually, cooking increases the availability of some nutrients, such as vitamin A, calcium, iron and the antioxidant lycopene. The cell walls of vegetables break down during cooking, which makes it easier for your body to absorb these nutrients . In addition, some vegetables, such as spinach, are reduced in size when they are cooked, so when they are eaten cooked they get more nutrients than if they ate the same raw vegetables. Keep reading: Top 3 tests to detect autism

Cooking vegetables can destroy some of the nutrients, especially if you cook them in water. You will lose less nutrients if you cook your vegetables in the steamer instead of baking, roasting, frying or sautéing them.

Gradually increase your consumption

The sudden increase in the amount of cooked vegetables that you consume can cause digestive problems, such as gas and constipation, because your body is not used to so much extra fiber. To avoid digestive problems , gradually increase the amount of cooked vegetables that you eat each day to avoid gas and constipation due to the sudden increase in fiber.

Variety of recipes to prepare

Whether you cook the vegetables or the purchases already cooked in the supermarket there are many ideas for cooking cooked vegetables that will make it easy for you to add them to your usual diet. It is a very versatile product and easy to use in the kitchen.

Food safety

Vegetables can sometimes be contaminated with bacteria or other substances that can cause foodborne illness. Cooking destroys many of these substances , making cooked vegetables safer than raw ones from the point of view of food safety, especially for people with delicate immune systems.

Insoluble Fiber

The insoluble fiber in vegetables is known as cellulose, which gives shape to vegetables. Cooked vegetables are especially high in insoluble fiber , since this type of fiber is found in the cell walls of plants. Fiber provides volume to your diet, helping food pass through your digestive system more quickly, and is not broken down by your body.

Soluble fiber

Vegetables are naturally rich in soluble fiber , which is stored inside the cells of the plant. Soluble fiber is more easily tolerated by your digestive system, and slows the absorption of carbohydrates, keeping blood sugar levels more stable. The soluble fiber helps regulate the passage of stool through the digestive tract and to retain water, makes it more soft and bulky. Soluble fiber is also useful for treating diarrhea because it absorbs excess fluid.

Cooking and Fiber

If you find it difficult to digest raw vegetables, it is likely that this is due to the fiber content that your body has trouble decomposing. Even a little cooking time can help soften the fiber content in vegetables , which makes it easier for your system to process it.

So now you know consuming cooked vegetables brings important health benefits, so you should include them regularly in your diet. Check also:

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