Dental care: Important and simple advice on dental health

Dental care is necessary at any age. Never too early or too late, while in the mouth appeared, or is at least one living tooth.

Unfortunately, many people do not know the simple and extremely useful recommendations to preserve dental health. These recommendations are easy to perform, and they ensure that the teeth will be healthier, and visits to the dentist – less, much less.

What are these magical tips for dental care? Many are familiar with them from childhood.

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Dental care – Recommendations for healthy teeth

Daily brushing teeth

Brushing teeth must be at least 2 times per day. Morning – after breakfast, in the evening – before going to bed.

In the morning breakfast after teeth are cleaned, for the reason that the very morning tooth brushing before breakfast increasingly becoming a procedure to eliminate the unpleasant morning breathe. After all, in the evening, in theory, any food residues have been cleaned.

However, there are micro-organisms, but they successfully cope saliva and rough cleansing food during the meal. Especially if the diet includes raw vegetables and fruits, wholemeal bread, etc.

Brushing your teeth after breakfast makes it possible to completely clean the mouth from food residues. This creates the prerequisites for less tooth decay.

This option of morning care is preferable, because dentists offer generally brush their teeth after every meal. And if the afternoon is difficult to do, then after breakfast – a snap.

Brushing needs to be prolonged

Brushing your teeth should be 2-3 minutes. It is believed that this time is sufficient to remove food debris and, and neutralizing microorganisms.

Minimize the intake of sugar

Sugar – the main enemy of teeth. Therefore, right from childhood is necessary to use it as little as possible.

Do not forget that there is a hidden sugar. For example, in the common soft drinks.

All this adversely affects the health of your teeth. And requires, as a minimum, rinsing the mouth with special means for rinsing after each use of the product with sugar.

Teeth requires calcium.

Calcium plays an important role in the formation of teeth in children, and in the maintenance of their health throughout their lives.

Therefore, in the diet must be calcium, which is normal, by the way, is quite easy to get. It’s enough in the day to eat 90-100 grams. Cheese.

Cheese, in addition to calcium, forms on the teeth of a special protective sheath and neutralize acidity in the mouth.

Other products containing calcium are dairy products, almonds, sesame, salmon.

Teeth need fluoride

Increasingly, you can find information that cause many dental diseases is the lack of fluoride in the human diet. This is especially important for areas with poor water fluorine contained in the water.

In such cases, be sure to use toothpaste with fluoride, which somehow compensates for this drawback.

Dental treatment should not be delayed

Once were found to have problems with your teeth, you should seek immediate dental care. After all, a small hole in the surface of a tooth in half a year or even more quickly able to reach such a size that the formulation of the seal has the speech will not be carried out. You will need to remove the nerve, and this marks the beginning of tooth loss.

So, as soon as any problems with your teeth, look for a good doctor in the clinic available (free or paid), and make an appointment. If the hole in the tooth appeared, she did not disappear. And it is better to begin treatment immediately. It will be easier and faster and less painful.

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