Dust: How to get rid of dust

The fact that live in house dust mites is a strong allergen. Therefore, at least for people prone to allergic reactions, and children need to know how to get rid of dust in the house / apartment.

And if you take into account that the average two-bedroom apartment for a year able to accumulate up to 18 kg of dust, the issue becomes relevant for all citizens.

And if it seems that you just regularly vacuuming the apartment, to completely remove the dust from it, then this is unfortunately not enough.

Therefore, we suggest familiarizing with the basic principles of how to get rid of dust …

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How to get rid of dust

To get rid of the dust, do the following:

Maximum get rid of textile items.

By textile things used often called “dust collectors”, i.e. items having a special ability to accumulate dust on their surfaces.

Such items include furniture, stuffed toys, cushions, blankets, curtains, curtains, etc.

If resources permit, such textile items should be replaced by others. For example, instead of textile curtains to use vertical or horizontal blinds.

Instead of upholstered furniture – leather chairs, sofas. Instead of the usual carpets – bamboo.

Gain for cleaning dust cloths and microfiber items

Ordinary cloth and dusters for dust not only remove dust very much raise it in the air, moving from one place to another.

Objects have the ability of microfiber not only dust but also hold it after capturing tissue particles.

Therefore reasonable to replace a set of common objects for dusting on the same set of microfiber.

If possible, arrange the air cleaner

Technology does not stand still. Few people know, but it has become quite affordable air cleaning technology. Particularly relevant, such a procedure is for those people who are allergic to dust.

Enough to buy a special device that performs air cleaning, and set it in the apartment / house. First of all, we should think about setting up such a subject in the bedroom, because it is there almost no way to completely get rid of the dust-collecting textile.

If possible, completely remove the books and souvenirs for glass

And the books, and small gifts are also able to quickly accumulate dust. Therefore, if they are not removed in a closed space (such as a bookcase or a furniture wall), then vacuuming books and souvenirs must be cleaned every week.

You spend a lot of time rubbing each trinket and spoiling the spine of the book with a vacuum cleaner, it is better to think of ways to remove them by the glass in the cupboard. Or get rid of souvenirs and switch completely to e-books. The latter, of course, a joke.

For cleaning use a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth

Ordinary broom copes with crumbs and sand, but also raises a whirlwind of invisible dust into the air. To verify this, we need only to spend cleaning broom in a sunny room. As soon as will be seen flying dust in the sunlight.

In order not to raise dust, it is best to completely abandon the broom services and carry out cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth.

Choosing a modern model of a vacuum cleaner with water filter

Unfortunately, all good things are quite expensive. Modern vacuum cleaner with water filter – is no exception. Is it worth it to save money on such a model?

Definitely worth it. After replacing the conventional vacuum cleaner to vacuum cleaner with a water filter, you can be sure that the dust in the house / apartment was several times smaller. It just would not fly back when cleaning this vacuum cleaner.

If you still can not buy a modern vacuum cleaner, you should take care in order to rinse and clean the filter every 1-2 conventional vacuum cleaning. Otherwise, not much point in such a vacuum cleaner will not be. Dust is successfully absorbed by the vacuum cleaner, as well fly back. Not all, but not a small part.

As often as vacuuming (embossing, clean) bedding and upholstery

Using a soft furniture, we are raising in the air a lot of dust particles. Do not use furniture, we can not, therefore, need to make sure that there is minimal amount of dust in it.

To do this either monthly vacuuming upholstered furniture powerful modern vacuum cleaner. Either manually dislodge dust conventional beater – old but proven way to get rid of dust.

Or, if possible, periodically use the services of a special cleaning company. Expensive, but very effective thanks to their professional equipment.


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