How to eat the egg?

How to eat the egg to better assimilate the protein: raw or cooked?

The egg is one of the foods that more protein to increase muscle mass, but for that you must know how it is best to eat it, raw or cooked. The egg is one of the foods that help us to cover the daily recommendations of proteins to increase muscle mass, but for that, you must know how it is best to eat it.

How to eat the egg?

How to eat the egg?

The protein that contains the egg white is an ideal source of protein, the egg white has:

  • 11% protein
  • 88% water
  • 0.70% goat hydrates

The nutrients that the egg contains are 55% of the proteins are Ovoalbumins, 12% Ovotransferrin, 11% Ovomucoides. It also contains less amounts of G2 Ovoglobulins, G3 Ovoglobulins, Ovomucin, Lysozymes, Ovoinhibitors, Flavoproteins, Ovomacroglobulins, Avidins, and Cystatins. Keep reading: Anti-smog beauty strategies: 11 types of face creams

These nutrients make egg protein one of the most complete proteins, since it contains all the essential amino acids, contains amino acids of the branched chain and glutamic acid with a high biological value which determines a great efficiency when it is absorbed and used to help develop muscle mass and improve post-workout recovery.

Since we know the nutrients that the egg has and its benefits, we will see how it is better to eat it to take more advantage of the protein.

Eat the egg, raw or cooked?

How to eat the egg?

It is very important to know that raw egg white is not digestible by our organism , in fact consuming raw egg whites is not advisable since these can be infected with salmonella besides its flavor is not at all pleasant.

The proteins found in egg white are Ovotransferrin and Ovoalumina, and the structures are long chains of amino acids that in the raw state to our digestive system it is impossible to break them and therefore their nutrients are not used. In addition, raw egg white contains proteins Ovomucoides and Ovoinhibidores which block the enzymes of our body which are responsible for digesting the proteins we consume.

So, in order for the egg white protein to be assimilated, it must be denatured, that is, it must go through a process by which its structure changes but its amino acid composition is not affected, so the denatured protein does not lose its nutrients to be ingested, what changes is that some of its links have been destroyed and now if our digestive system can assimilate it easily.

In order to take advantage of the correct way, the protein must be prepared in the following way:

Applying heat

How to eat the egg?

The best way to denature the egg protein is through heat. If the egg is heated to 56ºC, the proteins that are not assimilable will be denatured. However, in order to fully assimilate, it must be cooked at 80ºC.

That is, we need to increase the temperature of the egg white so that our body can digest and assimilate ovalbumin and ovotransferrin, and to deactivate the ovalbumin and the ovoinhibitor.

By physical action

We can beat the egg white so that the structure of the protein can change and be digestible by the body. However, in this way it is not enough to avoid the danger of being infected with Salmonella, in this case, it is better to use pasteurized whites.


To take better advantage of the nutrients that the egg has, whether it is clear or yolk, it should always be eaten cooked never raw. Read more:

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