exercise after eating or before

Is it better to exercise after eating or before?

Fasting or not before facing an exercise routine is one of the great controversies that have been maintained for many years among doctors, nutritionists, and sports experts. Here, we solve the doubt: is it better to exercise before or after eating? There is some myth about workouts. And it is that there has never been a consensus among specialists on, if it is advisable to play sports without having previously ingested some food. Especially if training focuses on fat loss.

Although in recent years there are experts who advocate that by performing cardiovascular training or exercises of low or medium intensity, aimed at decreasing the percentage of fat in the body, greater results are obtained, at present the specialists who defend the opposite have increased.

 exercise after eating or before

Exercise after eating or before

Faced with the statement by some experts that if you want to lose fat is better to perform cardiovascular training or exercises of medium or low intensity fasting. Several studies were conducted at different universities. Such as the University of Massachusetts or the University of Colorado. They coincide in the following results: the burning of fasting fats and after having made a nutritionally adequate meal is practically the same .

What is the difference? In the case of those who did not make any intake before facing a workout, there was greater fatigue and less success at the time of completing all the exercises included in the table. While, those who yes had made a previous intake, could finish with all the training. Therefore it is shown. In general, it is better to eat both before and after sports, as long as it is done in a balanced way. Including all the essential nutrients necessary and taking into account the exercise that is going to be carried out.

Why it is necessary to eat before exercising?

eat before exercising

If you are going to perform any training is necessary to eat the right foods to give enough energy to the body. In general, if no intake is made before subjecting the body to exercise, fatigue and even muscle loss will occur, which is the opposite that is usually desired when training is done.

Therefore, it is necessary to make a previous intake before starting the exercise to be able to do it properly. It is recommended that it be light and always including those foods that contain the right nutrients for the body. It is also advisable to make a more abundant meal at the end of the exercise to promote muscle growth and recovery of the body.

What to eat before exercising to burn fat?

What to eat

It is important to consider the type of exercise that is going to be done before choosing the right foods that give the energy and nutrients necessary for the body to be able to cope with the training that will be developed.

  • Training of low or medium intensity: in this case, it is not necessary to make a large intake, only to include fruit, such as banana, grapes or mango and a skimmed milk is sufficient. You can also add some more carbohydrate, such as a spoonful of oats to accompany the dairy.
  • Training of greater intensity: as that includes strength exercises and weights, it is advisable here to make a higher intake that includes complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains or whole wheat toast with olive oil. You should also add proteins, such as an egg or cooked ham and, also, include a piece of fruit.
  • If there is no time to eat … : in case you do not have a lot of time to do your intake before exercise, it is recommended to take digestion foods easier or include foods such as fruit, milk or oatmeal in a shake, obtaining the nutrients needed to exercise.

Eat after exercise

Eat after exercise

For the intake after exercise, it is necessary to include all the nutrients to help the body recover and feed the muscles. It needs to include:

Carbohydrates: Especially the complex ones, which satisfy more and, like any integral cereal, they also include more fiber.

Proteins: Through eggs, meat (preferably chicken or turkey with low-fat content) or fish.

Nuts: with a handful will be enough, either little olive oil or an avocado. To add an adequate percentage of fat that is necessary for the body to eat these foods.

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