weight to gain muscle

Exercise with body weight to gain muscle and burn fat

The ripper is the best exercise to lose fat and increase muscle mass, this exercise works your entire body. Greco-Roman wrestlers love this exercise. It is a combat the fighters have to make efforts to push, twist and lift a lot of weight with the legs, all this at high speed this combination of exercises prepares them to do just that.

We will call this exercise the ripper, you must do all the exercises in a row.

How to get the weight to gain muscle?

weight to gain muscle

Alternate leg extensions with rotation and contralateral support. Keep reading: Resignation syndrome: symptoms, causes and treatment

(A) .- Stand on all fours with your hips held high and your knees bent at a right angle so that you only touch the ground with your hands and feet.

(B) .- Lift the right foot and bring the knee to the chest while raising the opposite hand and rotate the body to the left. Fully extend the right leg.

(C) .- Return to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side, raising the left foot and the right hand.

(D) .- (Burpee starts) Return to the quadrupedal position with hands and feet and throw the legs back.

(E) .- Make a bending/lizard

(F) .- Pick up the feet again. (Ends burpee)

(G) .- (Start Dominated) Salta

(H) .- Hang from a pull-up bar with your palms facing forward. Join the scapulae and raise the chest to the bar, hold for a moment and lower until the arms are fully extended.

(I) .- (Squat) Go back to the floor and do a squat.

(J) .- Keep the natural curvature of the back, bring your hips back, bend your knees, lower everything you can and support the hands on the ground in front of you.

weight to gain muscle

Finish, repeat step (A) Place yourself again in the quadrupedal position with foot and hand support.
This is just a repetition of this exercise. Check also: http://fitness7elements.com/5-reasons-why-you-do-not-lose-weight/

Repetitions and Series

Start a timer, you have 1 repetition and rest the remaining time until you reach a minute. In minute 2, do 2 reps and rest what is left until the end of this minute. In minute 3, you have 3 repetitions and rest what remains. Continue adding repetitions until you can no longer finish the number of repetitions you play in 1 minute. That is 1 series.

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