Face mask of gelatin and activated charcoall

Face mask of gelatin and activated charcoal: Rules of use

Mask-films are very unusual cosmetic means, and therefore they need to learn how to cook and apply on the face. Not an exception to this rule and mask for the face of activated charcoal-gelatin, which you need to be able to use.

  • All the products that you are going to use to make the mask must be fresh.
  • After preparation, apply the mask for a short time on the wrist: if no allergic reactions and side effects occur, you can safely use a face mask.
  • The skin should be maximally steamed, either in a hot bath or under the influence of a steam bath.
  • Apply the mask-film in one direction – from the bottom up, and then in the same way remove.
  • Do not apply this mask to the skin around the eyes: it will pull it off and damage it.
  • During the action of the mask, try not to talk or use facial expressions: the facial muscles at this time should be in a state of complete rest.
  • After the mask, always apply to your skin your usual daily face cream.
  • Gelatin mask with activated charcoal should be used once (if problems are too troubling, you can two) per week.
  • The course of treatment should be at least 6 weeks.
  • Repeat the course of application of this mask will be in a couple of months.

If you follow this simple and accessible to all instructions, the charcoal benefits for skin will be your real assistant in the matter of deep cleansing of the skin from various types of contamination.

Recipe for face masks from gelatin and activated charcoal

To mask a film of gelatin and coal turned out to be glory and justified all your expectations, prepare it in strict accordance with the recipe. In the network, you can find recipes for such masks, which do not include milk. You can try and this option, and such, but the mask of gelatin, coal and milk will be softer to work on the skin. Keep readingĀ http://www.heavenbeautycalamvale.com/remove-dark-spots-armpits-crotch/


  • Gelatin: one teaspoon of powder;
  • Activated charcoal: one tablet;
  • Milk (if desired, you can replace the usual filtered water): two teaspoons.


  • A tablet of activated charcoal to crush into a powder (if the coal is fresh, it will not be difficult), mix it with gelatin.
  • Dilute the resulting powder with cold milk, mix thoroughly.
  • Do not wait for the dissolution of the powder, put the cooked mixture in the microwave.
  • Hold it there for 15 seconds.
  • Cool to room temperature.
  • Apply the mask until it dries completely.

Regularly using for your skin such a miracle mask-film, you will soon feel that your face shone with youth and beauty. This is the result of this unique cosmetic product, which is so easy to cook with your own hands at home. Rejuvenating, cleansing and toning, gelatin mask + milk + activated charcoal will become one of your most favorite skin care products.

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