facts about cytology

3 basic facts about cytology that you should know

The cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women between 25 and 64 years in Colombia, according to figures from the National Cancer Center. Cytology is essential for early detection. Here, we present 3 facts about cytology.

This is an examination by means of which cells of the cervix are studied, allowing the identification of abnormal changes, most often associated with human papillomavirus infection. Keep reading: How to alkalize your body and remove excess acid

3 facts about cytology

facts about cytology

Knowing in advance that something is not right allows you to begin a medical treatment in favor of health and the preservation of life. Next, learn more about cytology and how it is done.

How often should a woman get a Pap smear?

The National Institute of Cancerology recommends that cytology is performed when the woman begins the sexual activity or at 21 years of age so she has not had sex. This should be done at least every year, but if the result suggests the presence of an abnormality, the frequency will depend on the criteria of the attending physician.

How is cytology performed?

An instrument called a speculum is placed in the vaginal canal to look at the appearance of the cervix for visible lesions visible to the naked eye or for the presence of flow (which may alter the result of the examination). Then a sample of the internal and external part of the cervix is taken to send it to be analyzed in a laboratory. There, the appearance of the cells and the possible presence of abnormalities are checked in detail.

facts about cytology

How should a woman prepare for cytology?

Ideally, cytology should be taken two weeks after the first day of the last menstrual period (blood makes it difficult to assess the sample). If the woman has abundant vaginal discharge, it is important to receive treatment before the examination, as the presence of infection causes inflammation and alters the result of the cytology.

It is essential to wait at least eight days to have the cytology if the woman is being treated with vaginal medications. You should avoid having sex 48 hours before the test. Also, use douching, tampons or gels. It is essential to claim the result and assist the doctor to interpret the findings and orient the person to the treatment to be followed. You may like also: http://calvitaminsuit.com/7-tips-for-beginners-in-yoga/

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