Home remedies for cough and cold

Home remedies for cough and cold in this winter

It seemed that the cold would never come. After a hot and sunny summer, winter is here. As every year brings by hand luggage viruses and bacteria that cause the annoying colds and colds that, rather than hinder you, bother each moment. Keep this home remedies for cough and cold for save yourself from this winter.

As we all know, there are using drugs to remedy and relieve the symptoms produced by the cold, but not to cure them. Therefore, and as an alternative to medication, we want to propose the use of 6 home remedies for cough and cold much healthier and as active as those marketed by pharmaceutical companies. Do I have the cough or cold? The 6 ways to differentiate these diseases

6 natural and home remedies for a cough and cold

home remedies for a cough and cold

For those who do not want to medicate without a healing purpose and its only drawback are the symptoms produced by a simple cold, here we show you 6 highly effective home remedies for cough and cold to relieve a sore throat, cough or nasal congestion, among others manifestations of this disease.

1. Eucalyptus steam

Eucalyptus steam

The eucalyptus is a plant that, thanks to its aroma and the volatile oils that it gives off, has very pronounced decongestant and antiseptic effects. Among its components is eucalyptol, a substance that has mucolytic effects and is, therefore, useful to clean the nasal passages and allow us to breathe properly.

For this reason, it is ideal to use the eucalyptus in steam, inhaling the steam released by the water with eucalyptus. For its preparation, we will add some leaves of this plant in hot water, and we will approach the container, taking deep breaths.

2. Infusion of ginger

Infusion of ginger

Ginger is a root with multiple beneficial properties for our body. Among them are expectorant, antitussive and anti-inflammatory effects perfect for relieving nasal congestion, headache and annoying mucus typical of traditional colds.

To prepare the infusion of ginger, you will only need half a liter of boiling water and a piece of the ginger stick: let it boil for a few minutes and drink the resulting infused water.

3. Honey and lemon

Honey and lemon

Honey, thanks to the density it has, is a great help to soothe the itching and throat itching. On the other hand, lemon has disinfectant properties that will accelerate the cold healing process due to the removal of bacteria and viruses in an effective way.

The preparation is very simple, and surely many of you have used this home remedy for the cold in hundreds of occasions. You should only heat a cup of water, add the juice of half a lemon and a couple of tablespoons of honey, remove it and sip it so that the brew makes its best effect.

4. Rinsing with water and thyme

water and thyme

When the throat irritation becomes unbearable, and the productive cough does not stop interrupting our activities, the gargles with hot water and thyme can be of great help.

For this, you only need to boil some thyme leaves and cook for about 20 minutes. Strain the blend and include vinegar and lemon with the goal that the disinfectant activity is more noteworthy.

5. Infusion of garlic

Infusion of garlic

Garlic is considered one of the foods with greater antiseptic function. It gives the body an extra dose of protection thanks to the ability to strengthen the immune system it has.

To combat the cold is recommended to consume the garlic in infusion; in this way, add in a pot boiling three cloves of garlic and let them boil for 10 minutes. You can add honey to the product to improve its flavor and add the benefits of it. The result will be perfect to soothe a sore throat and cough.

6. Water with salt

Water with salt

Nasal congestion can lead to considerable discomfort due to the inability to pass air through the nostrils, which means using different methods in the reuptake of air as breathing through the mouth. This type of breathing can generate abdominal pain due to the accumulation of gases and the bad respiratory process.

To remedy this annoying symptom the cold in a homemade and natural way, we need water and salt. Add salt half a teaspoon in a half glass of warm water, and a little bicarbonate (a quarter of a tablespoon). Remove and apply a couple of drops of the solution in the nostrils, and you will see how the mucus comes off little by little.

Symptoms and course of the common cold

cough symptoms

The common cold is very common among people who are exposed to the cold outside of winter; therefore, the great majority of individuals are susceptible to suffering it to a greater or lesser extent.

Colds spread extremely rapidly as a result of the transmission of viruses through coughing, nasal secretions or sneezing.

The very common symptoms are a sore throat, migrane, cough, weakness, muscular discomfort and the secretion of mucus from the nasal passages (although it can sometimes settle on the ear canals and cause otitis).

The function of drugs currently marketed is to attack the symptoms and not the origin of the cold, since it usually has a regular course and ends up disappearing on its own.

The evolution of the common cold is usually very similar among people who suffer from it. It begins with a sore throat and general uneasiness that give way to a runny nose (nasal discharge), congestion, sneezing, and eye irritation. These symptoms gradually diminish with the passage of days until the end of a week from the beginning.

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