How to alkalize your body and remove excess acid

Nowadays most people have a high level of acidity in their body. This is due to the high consumption of transgenic (genetically modified organisms), processed foods and refined sugars. A high level of acidity, or acid pH, increases the risk of all kinds of diseases including famous cancer and heart disease, the leading causes of death around the world. 

alkalize your body

An excess of acid, in addition to increasing the risks of cancer and heart disease, can lead to problems with breathing, diarrhea, kidney disease, liver disease, fatigue and digestive problems. The good news is that you can eliminate excess acidity naturally and avoid all these problems. In fact, by balancing your pH and making your body alkaline, you will achieve optimum health with high levels of energy and a greater sense of well-being.

How to Alkalize Your Body Naturally

The following suggestions, practices and natural remedies can help you increase your blood pH; That is to say, to alkalize your body or to eliminate the excess of acidity from 100% natural and without much effort. The benefits that can be gained by applying these suggestions are simply incredible and can change not only your health but your life, for the better, forever.

alkalize your body

To alkalize your body:

Consume less processed meat and meat in general, refined sugars and flour. These denatured foods make your body more acidic than necessary. They also promote inflammation, and we know that inflammation makes you vulnerable to many diseases. A combo you do not want in your life.

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Be sure to get most of your nutrients from plant-based foods such as superfoods, fresh vegetables, and some high-quality supplements (powders, capsules, dyes, extracts, etc.).

Always opt for organic or pesticide-free food and other contaminants:

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) contain pesticides and chemicals that promote acidity in your body. Worse still, some transgenics produce their own insecticides, which happens not only when they attack insects but also when they are consumed.

Always opt for organic foods when you go to buy fruits, vegetables, and other foods. Not only are they free of pesticides but they also contain a greater amount of nutrients. Keep reading

alkalize your body

Increases consumption of fresh natural foods, alkaline foods; fruits and vegetables:

Alkaline foods reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, gout, fibromyalgia and basically all the diseases you can think of. Alkaline foods will remove excess acid and balance the pH of your blood. These are the same organic foods mentioned above.

Increase your potassium intake:

Eating foods rich in potassium helps to alkalize the body. Some of these foods include bananas, berries, spirulina, avocado, lemons, potatoes, and dates.

Sodium bicarbonate:

Staying hydrated certainly, helps to balance pH levels. But, even better results can be obtained by adding sodium bicarbonate to drinking water. Simply add one to two teaspoons of baking soda to a glass of water, one or several times a day. Check also:

The Benefits of Drinking Water with Lemon:

The benefits of drinking water with lemon are many; One of these is that it helps to alkalize the body. You just need some lemon juice in warm water. Here you can see all the benefits of this incredible mix.

You already know how to alkalize your body. You can use these suggestions if you are feeling your health going away. If you feel tired and you think you will soon get sick, or just want to protect or maintain your health. Remember, food, your lifestyle and mood are the main factors that will determine your state of health. As you know, you can have the health status you want by controlling these small factors.

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