How to get rid of mosquitoes inside the house

With the arrival of the beautiful days the desire for long walks in the open air returns, the windows open to refresh the houses and come back, the mosquitoes too. Always a nightmare of the summer nights of all of us – how many have not spent at least one night disturbed by the incessant buzz of one of these creatures? Let’s discover how to get rid of mosquitoes inside the house.

For years they have been victims of real chemical wars. From the almost naive Zamperini and Citronelle to the mechanical traps and the most technological insecticides we are submerged by dozens of alternatives in our field battles. Keep reading: Myths and beliefs about female bodybuilding workouts

How to get rid of mosquitoes inside the house

But how many of these remedies, even those defined as “natural”, can be considered ecological and environmentally friendly? The following are some remedies that we consider useful for the purpose, but which demonstrate a real attention to respect for the environment; they have been found around the web, even if we have found a real mine of information on natural do-it-yourself mosquito repellents in the portal . Obviously, we will not mention the mosquito nets, which remain absolutely an ecological and safe system to prevent the insects from entering our homes.

First of all, even if not very widespread, we consider these halogen lamps, powered by solar energy, to be interesting:

Electrified halogen lamps

By day they recharge, while at night they work like many other lamps that attract insects thanks to the light and then electrocute them with an electric discharge. There are, however, at least at first sight two contraindications. The first is the relative effectiveness towards tiger mosquitoes, active more in the solar hours than in the nocturnal ones (unlike the local mosquitoes). The second, but perhaps more important, the “light” remedies indiscriminately kill other kinds of insects. So, if on the one hand it is an instrument with a very low environmental impact, energetically speaking, on the other we do not want to define it as 100% ecological.

In spite of the effectiveness described, we do not then suggest to suggest the CO 2 production machines (in order to imitate the human breath): they consume electricity and produce CO 2 , not really the non plus ultra ecological level. Of course they seem to work. Much better is the low-consumption colored lamps of yellow, able to create a warm “ambient” atmosphere and get rid of mosquitoes over a distance of 4 meters. The usual problem of tiger mosquitoes remains active during the day.

Low consumption yellow lamps

Let’s now move on to repellents. As for natural ones, the most eco-compatible seems to be neem oil. With a real efficacy against mosquitoes (reduced stings of 60%), it guarantees protection without the need to resort to synthetic products. The only warning: perhaps it is not the most suitable method in the case of trips abroad, in territories where mosquitoes are vehicles of dangerous diseases. Another remedy, described as effective, would be the oral intake of Ledum Palustre, which would make our sweat unpleasant to mosquitoes (but only to them).

Bat box

As for room repellents, the best among the natural ones are the aforementioned neem oil and those based on garlic. Finally, even if the direct effect is not very high, we would like to report the Bat Boxes. These are small “nests” for bats, to be installed in the open air, in our gardens and on our terraces. In fact, the decrease of bats is one of the first causes of the increase of mosquitoes. So, if “adopting” a family of bats will not save us from mosquito bites, in the medium to long term it is a behavior that can bear fruit. For those who want, there are also instructions to build your own Bat Box.

That said, we remind you that in addition to the real remedies, there are simple behaviors to avoid, such as the abuse of perfumes or deodorants and the use of dark clothes or too bright colors. Light clothes and a few chemicals on your skin will help your personal battle against the treacherous enemy. And maybe the environment will thank you. You may also like:

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