How to learn to do push-ups

In the last article we looked at the methodology of teaching pull-ups, in which the important role played pushups. But what about those people who do push-ups and is also not particularly know how? For them – our next article on how to learn to do push-ups.

Before you go to the very method of training, which will help in the push-ups, I want to tell you two interesting case. One of these cases is related to my friends, the other – with my wife. Let them both be an introduction to our main topic.

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How to learn to do push-ups

Each person can learn how to do push-ups and in the short term seriously raise your score for this exercise.


In ancient times, even during my studies at the school, I was in our class one boy rather well-fed physique.

Despite the good mental development, his physical abilities were small, and physical education classes, he rarely did anything but sitting on the bench.

But one day, during a test for push-ups, when the excellent rating had to be wrung from the floor 30 times, he was summoned and, to everyone’s surprise, taking the emphasis lying down, he began to do push-ups.

Laugh and smile we have stopped somewhere after the third push-ups, because I knew that he could not overcome at all once.

When he performed 15 push-ups and stopped the exercise, the teacher gave him a “very good” (for the performance of the impossible), and we started to respect me very much.

This example proves that even if you cannot do any push-ups, everyone is able to learn how to do push-ups.


Women are usually weaker than men. And my wife is much weaker than me (that’s for sure). But in the period of courtship, I cannot remember why, I began to teach her to do push-ups.

With difficulty, she was able to be wrung from the bench (not the floor) 3 times, and then left to rest on the south. But before that, I made her promise that she would do push-ups every day on the 1st floor approach. As many times as he can.

As a result, returning from the south, without a warm-up and in normal clothes, it is quite easy to be wrung out from the bench (it was in the park) 9 times.

This example proves that anyone, even a weak person can seriously raise the result in the push-ups.

Push-technique training

Proving that weak men and women can not only learn how to do push-ups, but also greatly enhance the results of this exercise, move on to the push-learning methodology.

This method consists of two parts.

The first part is intended for those who do can not be wrung from the floor even once.

2nd part aimed at increasing the number of push-ups.

What, if any, cannot be wrung from the floor never?

Because muscles almost anyone enough to do push-ups on the floor, you need to restore missing neuromuscular connections that do not allow the muscles to do the work. Simply put, it is necessary to slightly raise the muscle tone, to give them a similar load.

For these purposes, you must perform all of the same push-ups (as we recall from the previous article to learn how to do push-ups, push-ups you need to), but not on gender, but on the higher surfaces: benches, edge of the bed, the table, the walls, finally.

Bringing the number of push-ups, for example, to 10, to reduce the level support, and again bring the total amount of push-up 10 (figure conditional bit, lower or higher ratios can be selected).

Task one: make at least several full pushups. Desirably – not less than 5. And then it will be possible to move the second part of the push-learning techniques.

Because Our task at this stage does not increase muscle volume and time between a good neuromuscular response, you can train almost every day, but do not exceed 1-3 approaches. 3 sets – is the maximum of what enables the average endocrine system without the risk of overload.

What to do in order to increase the number of push-ups?

After at least a few push-ups are no longer a problem (it takes quite a bit of time with due diligence) should change the method of training.

In order to increase the total number of push-ups to be performed 5-7 push-ups at a good pace (not slow), and then rise from the floor and rest for 50-60 seconds. Hiking, waving his hands. In general, to relax the muscles of the upper body.

But then again, do a quick approach of the 5-7 push-ups. And the rest again.

And these alternations – about 20. It will take 20-22 minutes. All training is finished.

Such training is not worth it to spend each day. It is better to stop for 2-3 workouts per week.

As a result, this load will allow seriously increase stamina when working pushups muscles, allowing them to do more push-ups at a time until, until it reaches the so-called failure (inability to continue to continue the exercises).

Which muscles are working in push-ups?

The above procedure will not only help to learn how to do push-ups and raise the maximum possible number of push-ups performed, but also great impact on the figure. Indeed, during the push load is almost all the muscles of the body.

Triceps, chest, lats and front deltoids do the work (dynamic load), and the muscles of the hand, press, legs and long back muscles help keep the body in the correct position (static load). Not to mention the smaller muscles.

Conclusion: Push-ups – a great exercise for the whole body, which possess the power of any person. Even this, which initially cannot do any push-ups.

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