How To Make Authentic Purple Drank: Sizzurp

This so-called Purple Drank is a fun cocktail that has created its sky-high appeal among the young persons. All its popularity came up with the help of hip hop singers in 90s and we all should give them big thanks. They have played a key role for boasting the amazing drink to the world. This sizzurp liquor has always presented as a glamorous drink in the digital and electronic media. On the internet there are hundreds of videos, fun pages, many online forums are constantly promoting this purple drank recipe every day.

Here In this article, I will share a classic recipe of this authentic drink. Today I am going to show you how to make the classic Authentic Purple Drank: sizzurp. Sizzurp is hugely popular among the young populations in Houston, Texas. (You can say especially among the fans of DJ Screw).

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At first, we will list up the necessary ingredients that you will need, to prepare your most desired Purple Drank sizzurp and the things you will need to make it more authentic.

  • Cough syrup is the key ingredient. Make sure it has Codeine and Promethazine.
  • A bottle of clear Sprite (Because it was the classic)
  • Now poor around 2-8 oz. of cough syrup into the Styrofoam cup, you can find them at any liquor store.
  • Mix the drink thoroughly and don’t forget to add a Jolly Rancher candy into the mix. You can add two if you want a more sweetened taste.

You can add more or less depending on how you want to compose the soft drink (Sprite was the original but you can add anything you want) and a cough syrup that contains Codeine and promethazine according to prescription grade unless you live in Southern part of the US, I am guessing…

To get an authentic look and give the drink a sweetened taste, add some Jolly Rancher candy along with other ingredients. It will give your drink a Great Purple color. Awesome look…

Now as your drink got ready, you can sit back and enjoy your favorite Purple Drank. Now here are the most important things that I want to remind you DO NOT try to attempt to mix any other type of syrup, it will not going to be the same if you really want to sip a true Purple Drank sizzurp. It is also recommended not to add any alcohol unless you feel like passing out for the whole night or even possibly overdosing.

Now, as you have got your best tutorial for making your favorite Southern drink, sit back and have fun!

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