How to prevent gingivitis

How to prevent gingivitis

Many people suffer from gingivitis, the famous inflammation, and bleeding of the gums. Although many people do not know that they suffer from it, this oral disease can progress and cause our loss of teeth. How to prevent gingivitis is crucial.

The Gingivitis is an oral disease characterized by swelling of the gums and bleeding from them. It is an initial condition that develops in the gums and whose treatment is simple. Keep reading: How to relieve back pain? The remedy to quickly relieve

Causes and symptoms of gingivitis

How to prevent gingivitis

The most important cause of this disease is poor oral hygiene. The main symptoms of gingivitis are reddish gums, which are basically inflamed and sensitive. The gums may bleed when brushing the teeth.

Another symptom of this disease is that the teeth have receded, that is, their appearance shows an aspect of elongated teeth. This disease can cause the creation of pockets between the teeth and the gums where the bacteria and the remains of food are unified. Certain people may have bad breath when the disease has not yet fully developed.

How to prevent gingivitis

It is one of the bacterial diseases that suffer most in the oral cavity. The always annoying and uncomfortable gingivitis causes inflammation and bleeding of the gums. And among its causes, most of the time it is treated because of the food remains that are trapped between the teeth and that, due to a bad and/or incomplete cleaning, do not finish being expelled. Also, the infection by some type of virus or for example, the growth of the teeth of the judgment with the consequent concavity causes that the bacterium that produces it champion to its wide ones.

How to prevent gingivitis

Gingivitis and oral health

Gingivitis in our mouth should be a priority when it comes to having good oral health. Having gingivitis can cause an uncomfortable discomfort and also a never desirable bleeding of the gums, especially when proceeding to the brush of the teeth. And it is that, there are several ways on how to prevent gingivitis and the main one is precisely this, to carry out a correct and daily brushing of the teeth. Proceeding to the toothbrush three times a day helps prevent the buildup of plaque and, therefore, the appearance of gingivitis. Early treatment of this problem helps to prevent it from spreading since the non-treatment of gingivitis is directly related to the loss of the teeth.

How to prevent gingivitis

Another way to prevent gingivitis is to use correct toothbrushes. The use of soft toothbrushes, as well as the dental floss, is essential to avoid contributing to the appearance of this disease. Changing brushes every three months is another factor to consider. As it also reduces the consumption of alcohol and tobacco and a good and balanced diet that also helps strengthen our jaw.


Many times it is necessary to visit a specialist, specifically the Periodontist, who will detect if there is a problem in the gums and plan the most appropriate treatment, determining if it is essential to perform a periodontal treatment that avoids a loss of support that would cause the loss of the dental pieces. You might also like:

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