How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

A spa is a place to relax body and mind, a place to forget the routine and the problems while we dive into waters filled with relaxing and beneficial substances for our health. But there is something better than a spa, a spa at home.

If you or dreams of buying a nice hot tub or Jacuzzi, you are already well advanced, but even without these one can transform the bathroom into a spa without excessive costs. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

Change to place towels

As if it were a real spa, put towels on the shelves. If you have a rather large piece of furniture, you can easily place many towels; the important thing is that they are of the same color to give a sense of order and uniformity.

Remove the labels

The labels of the brands of shampoo and so on are not exactly the most glamorous, so it is better to detach because the product containers are the most beautiful sight. Visit Waxing in NYC to get the best care of waxing.

Use natural sponges and exfoliates

You can replace traditional sponges with others that are more in tune with the idea of the spa. Moreover, this accessory, as well as promoting the idea of aesthetic spa are used to exfoliate, preferably with hot water. The use of these sponges allows you to remove dead skin, like a homemade peeling. In addition, there are gel with micro granules made right to exfoliate, which thanks to the scents of which are enriched leave the skin feeling wonderfully.

Handmade soaps

Choose handmade soaps, maybe of different scents and smells and colors, they also exist with flower petals, or natural stone elements. Combined with some nice soap dishes will be a must for your home spa.

Scented candles

Candles are a classic relaxation areas, and in this case cannot miss. Find a scent that you like.


A key element in creating a peaceful atmosphere is relaxed light. We must avoid bright lights and fluorescent and overcome with more soft lighting and relaxing. Candles are an option, but you can also think of lamps with adjustable lighting or simply the natural light that filters through the window, all compared to the time of day and how we feel.


The best way to get away from stress and be able to unplug it is immersed in an environment where silence is absolute, but we know it today is difficult, especially if we are not to have external control over the environment: ergo it is important to choose a music you relax (chillout, classical, jazz or whatever things make us feel good). Many are also soothing nature sounds, such as the ocean or forest, if indeed we can calm the tension, closing his eyes you can imagine being in the desired location.

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