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Is it possible to do several things at once

Modern life puts a person more and more responsibility, at the same time, occupying more and more of its resources. In this regard, many people have to do several things at once, or else – not enough.

Is it possible to effectively do several things at once? As practice shows, many people live in this rhythm: at the same time check e-mail, talk, solve the problem. In addition to this – a bite.

This mode of life is called multitasking – a solution to many problems in the same period of time.

do several things
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Work on one problem at one time referred to as single-tasking.

It seems to be far superior to a single-tasking multi-tasking at its effectiveness. True?

Unfortunately, everything is exactly the opposite.

Is it possible to do several things at once

Whatever the case did not include multi-tasking, in addition to the purely physical participation, this mode always seriously increases the requirements on the human brain, as well as to the emotional sphere as a whole.

At the same time, that when multi-tasking, that the single-tasking person can not go beyond the limits of its own resources.

But if the single-tasking all the forces of the body, roughly speaking, are aimed at solving one particular problem with the maximum efficiency, when multi-tasking, these same forces are scattered in many areas.

In this regard, if a person makes a lot of things at once (even if a set of very simple steps), it negatively affects the productivity of his work:

  • The brain is difficult to sort and sift through information;
  • Human memory in such circumstances works with a low efficiency;
  • Thought processes, due to the dispersion of attention, are violated;
  • The very concentration of attention falls;
  • Person is difficult to bring it started to end;
  • The percentage of creative, creative solutions is low.

It turns out that even the introduction of the single-acting simultaneously with the main work can seriously reduce the likelihood of a quick positive results.

What happens if you only deal with one thing at a time interval

Sequential tasks, as opposed to the multi-tasking is an effective type of work.

When single-tasking all thought processes are subject to only one: most accurately, efficiently and quickly come to complete the work.

In this case, the brain of a man much longer maintains concentration and able to work without any loss of speed and efficiency. A creative person’s ability to subordinate one problem – finding the most appropriate solution to the problem.

Remember how often we do something while listening to your favorite music, talking to someone on a topic or debarred periodically throwing a look at the TV screen.

Having learned to avoid it (avoid even a multi-tasking), we can raise the productivity and efficiency of their work to a new level.

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