herbal teas

Losing weight with herbal teas

The slimming tea can help you lose weight. Although infusions, alone, does not allow us to lose many pounds, can help especially if we combine a balanced diet and moderate exercise. Herbal teas, in fact, are full of water, so they stimulate the body to get rid of the toxins (residing within the lipid tissues) thus helping to dispose of body fat. In addition, many slimming teas contain fibers able to increase the sense of satiety. It is advisable to hire them for a couple of times a day. Here are a few recipes.

herbal teas
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Herbal tea with mallow

To prepare this infusion slimming and diuretic you need: 20 grams of mallow, 10 grams of lemon balm and a teaspoon of honey. You can buy herbs in herbal medicine and then mix them together. At this point, pour a spoon in a cup of boiling water and, after filtered, sweetened with a teaspoon of honey.

Herbal tea to fucus

The main ingredient in this slimming tea is the kelp, a seaweed that contains a lot of iodine and is able to accelerate metabolism. Although this algae is easily found in herbal medicine. Get 50 grams of focus, 20 grams of mallow leaves, 20 grams of cherry leaves and 15 grams of birch leaves. Mix the herbs and store them in a tightly closed glass container. Prepare your slimming tea by dipping two teaspoons of herb in boiling water (let steep for 5 minutes, then strain). Finally, add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten.

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Infusion of parsley and lemon

Among the herbal tea diet, even the parsley and lemon. Put in infusion, in boiling water, a bunch of parsley (both the leaves and the stem) along with two slices of lemon. For more flavor, you can add a few leaves of mint. Let infuse at least 5 minutes and then filtered. This infusion can be eaten either hot or cold.

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