female bodybuilding workouts

Myths and beliefs about female bodybuilding workouts

Although there are more and more, there are still many women who have some reluctance to perform muscle building exercises. There may be many reasons and causes for this, we will try to analyze the situation a bit and see the reason why this happens. Let’s see if it is advisable for girls to do exercises with weights to achieve their goals or on the contrary. Female bodybuilding workouts are better to perform another kind of physical exercise.

It’s quite usual, you get to a gym and look slightly at the room. The contrast between men and women is abysmal, on the other hand, if you go to a directed class you can see that the percentage is very different from that of the weight room. Why this difference? Is it something cultural? Social? Are there myths and beliefs about weight training in women? Keep reading: How to relieve back pain? The remedy to quickly relieve

Female bodybuilding workouts myths

female bodybuilding workouts

Although today they are not as widespread as they were a few years ago, there is still a lot of erroneous belief. There are many women who avoid weightlifting thinking that, by doing some bodybuilding exercises, they will get a muscular hypertrophy that will make them look unfeminine and have an unattractive appearance for the current beauty canons. Surely the fact of seeing some very muscular men in the room does not help to demystify this statement, but the reality is very different.

Genetically speaking there are some important differences between sexes, and these differences directly affect the muscular development and physical appearance of both sexes. Very exceptional cases aside, women because they do not secrete testosterone as men do not develop their muscles in the same way. In addition, there is a component that also makes the visual differences between the body of a man and a woman quite different. In general, the percentage of fat of a woman always tends to be greater than that of a man, this makes it more difficult for a woman to have that “dry” and “defined” aspect that men seek to obtain explicitly. With which the lines of the body will be more rounded and subtle which will give a more feminine appearance.

The gym as a social event

female bodybuilding workouts

While it is true that, as we have just seen, women should not worry about performing weights because of excessive muscular development, there is another less technical aspect that we should take into account. This aspect is none other than the social component that has to go to your training center. It can be uncomfortable or annoying when you introduce yourself to any place and you do not find anyone or almost anyone, akin to you in any way. I mean, if you get to a new job and you’re the youngest / biggest by far you can feel displaced by age, in the same way, if a girl is encouraged to go to the weight room and see that there are no more women like her, she may feel displaced by her sex. Yes, I know. This should not be an impediment, but I am sure that on more than one occasion it can be.

female bodybuilding workouts

It is never easy, nor fair, to generalize, but I think many of you will agree with me that the goal of the majority of men and the majority of women is not the same. While many men seek muscular development gaining volume, a large part of women seeks otherwise, lose volume and look more stylized and toned. For this reason, many girls choose directed classes where they are mostly cardiovascular exercises that help them lose some fat.

In addition to this, it is already a classic that the girls put a lot of emphasis on the abdomen and its lower train leaving aside the upper part of its body, while the men focus more on upper extremities and torso. In my opinion, both visions are wrong. To be physically well and look the best possible way you have to train the body as a whole. You cannot dedicate your training to only one part and pretend that the results are appropriate.

female bodybuilding workouts

Women should also tone and train the upper body and not just legs, abdomen and buttocks as we observed on more than one occasion.

In summary,

We can say that it is more than interesting for any girl or woman to perform female bodybuilding workouts with the certain periodicity, which are totally complementary to the collective classes. It is not necessary either a disproportionate intensity but enough to tone well the muscles, and not only the lower body but the whole body. And there’s no need to worry about excessive muscle development since this is very difficult for a woman who does not train specifically for it. You might also like: http://magazinemi.com/how-to-conduct-teeth-whitening-with-activated-charcoal-nuances-of-procedure/

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