Natural remedies

Natural remedies for inflamed gums

The inflamed gums can also be cured with natural remedies . Intervening in this way when it comes gingivitis is indeed very useful, as it averts the risk of side effects that features in many cases taking medication. There are several natural remedies that may be useful in the treatment of inflamed gums. Here are a few …

Natural remedies
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Aloe Vera – Aloe vera can be defined as one of the most important natural solutions against inflamed gums. Thanks to its overt antibacterial action is in fact known as an effective natural remedy and minimally invasive, able to ensure positive effects in a short time.

The black – are also many doctors and naturopaths advise patients that they accuse of inflamed gums problems to resort to the black. A packet of the cold black and squeezed applied for half an hour on inflamed gums is a very valuable natural solution to contain the condition.

Power – The power supply is a very good natural remedy for inflamed gums. What you eat affects every day in a very important way on health and also on the state of the gums. How can we help the gum tissue starting from what we put into the pot? Choosing first foods rich in vitamin C and not forgetting the health benefits of raw vegetables such as carrots.

Calendula – Another very effective natural solution to tackle the problem of inflamed gums naturally is the marigold, which can be purchased easily in any herbal medicine.

Teas – Herbal teas are a key area when it comes to natural remedies for inflamed gums. Nature provides us with many alternatives to take care of the gums and some of these are just the teas. It is obviously useful to seek advice herbalist, but there are also options to ensure a positive effect without major side effects. Among these you can list in the first place chamomile, known in the universe of natural solutions because of its important antiseptic properties, which can be particularly useful even when it comes to treating inflamed gums.

Sea salt – Sea salt is a remedy well known when it comes to naturally solve the problem of inflamed gums. In chloral sodium, they are in fact content of minerals that can act on the inflammatory state. The ideal alternative in these cases is to perform daily rinses with warm water.

Water and lemon – The mix water and lemon is a very viable alternative when you have to take action in the treatment of inflamed gums. The lemon can be replaced as easily with the baking soda.

Oral hygiene – Talk about natural remedies for inflamed gums means always call causes oral hygiene. How to manage it to do so to avoid inflammatory problems? First of all it is mandatory brush your teeth after every main meal, of course not proceed immediately, as it is necessary to ensure that the saliva acids do their job and that digestion is complete. Ideal is to wash them a few hours after the end of the meal.

Very useful is the use of a soft-bristle toothbrush and toothpaste possibly natural, preferably containing chamomile. In some cases it is recommended the use of dental floss, taking care to proceed with gently so as not to create additional abrasions in the inflamed area. When talking about oral hygiene and its role in the treatment and prevention of gum inflammation is important to remember that chewing gum does not replace the toothbrush, but rather worsen the situation and increase the probability of occurrence of gastric problems.

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