how to prevent stroke naturally

How to prevent stroke naturally? Seven things you must do

Stroke is one of the leading causes of disability in adults. Currently, the only treatment for those suffering from this disorder is physical rehabilitation but there are no medications that help neurological recovery. A stroke occurs when an area of the brain is deprived of oxygen due to blockage or rupture of a blood vessel. When this happens, the cells of the affected area begin to die. Let’s know how to prevent stroke naturally.

How to prevent stroke naturally

how to prevent stroke naturally

Knowing the signs and finding an early treatment can reduce the damage caused by a stroke or prevent them altogether. Here are a few steps that should be followed by ‘The Guardian’, from controlling blood pressure to keeping cholesterol under control. Keep reading: How to relieve back pain? The remedy to quickly relieve

Recognize the signals

A quarter of strokes occur in people younger than 65, and the damage caused ranges from minimal changes in a scan to loss of speech, difficulty finding words and loss of nerve sensitivity on one side of the body or in the face. Up to a fifth of them are fatal. Early diagnosis and treatment always imply a better result.

The quickest and easiest test is simply to pay attention to your face and gestures. Can you smile? Can you raise your arms and hold them up? Is your verbal fluency anything but fluid or difficult to understand? If you notice some of these signs, it is better to call a health service. Other symptoms with which to act urgently are the sudden weakness, numbness on one side of the body, spontaneous blurring or loss of vision, confusion, sudden falls or very intense headaches.

To stabilize the tension, it is recommended to change your lifestyle: a healthy and balanced diet and go out more to walk

Monitor the tension

how to prevent stroke naturally

High blood pressure is a clear risk factor. The best thing you can do is check it periodically and continuously. In the United States, pharmacists take the stress in hairdressing salons, since African Americans cannot go to the doctor regularly and are also underrepresented in clinical trials. In the United Kingdom, people of African or Caribbean origin are more likely to have high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes, but less to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

To lower the tension, it is recommended to change your lifestyle: a healthy and balanced diet and go out more to walk. The medications, always with your doctor’s prescription. In spite of everything, there are people who still have it high after all these conventional treatments.

Take your pulse

An irregular heart rate increases the risk of having a stroke. Thinning blood (anticoagulation) significantly reduces the risk of stroke. The heart can also receive an electric shock (cardioversion), a treatment to destroy the unauthorized electrical source of the problem or a pacemaker to cancel the irregular heartbeat.

Some people experience palpitations, but many do not feel any symptoms. The best way to detect it is to control and pay attention to your heart rate.

Beware of diabetes

how to prevent stroke naturally

One in sixteen people lives with diabetes and an estimated 12% still do not know. Undiagnosed and untreated diabetes is a major risk factor for stroke. You are more likely to be diabetic by inheritance or overweight. To know, you can buy self-diagnosis kits, but it is cheaper to get a complete medical check-up at your medical center if you are between 40 and 74 years old.

Stop smoking

Smoking obviously makes the situation worse. The more you smoke, the greater the risk, so if you can not quit, at least reduce your consumption. If you succeed, the risk of a stroke will be that of a non-smoker within five years. If you can not leave it in any way and you’re tired of trying it without getting results, you can switch to electric cigarettes to remove the monkey or try the famous nicotine patches.


High cholesterol levels in large can clog the arteries. If someone in your family has had heart disease at a young age or stroke at an age younger than 60, there may be a genetic tendency if you have markedly elevated cholesterol, even if you lead an impeccably healthy lifestyle. A blood test on a fasting morning will tell you if there is a problem to worry about. Again, you can buy a self-diagnostic kit or do it at a pharmacy.

It is also necessary to measure blood pressure and glucose levels; It does not make sense to worry about cholesterol if you ignore these two. High cholesterol levels can be reduced if you lose weight, exercise, reduce high-fat foods and, if necessary, take medications. In any case, it is essential that you consult your doctor.

how to prevent stroke naturally


Transient ischemic attacks (TIA) cause the same warning signs as a stroke, but usually, last about half an hour and completely subside within 24 hours. However, 40% of people with a TIA will subsequently have a stroke, and the risk is greater if you are over 70, have high blood pressure or have diabetes. Especially if the symptoms last more than 90 minutes.

Treatments for TIAs include anticoagulant medications and careful control of risk factors (glucose, cholesterol, and high blood pressure). People often feel dismayed because they end up taking a cocktail of drugs despite having fully recovered from the TIA, but in the end, they are necessary to prevent a stroke. You might also like:

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