Proper nutrition for weight loss

Most people who want to lose weight, be sure to begin with, to think about what should be their proper diet for weight loss. And this is true of the question.

The problem is that the vast majority of these people believe that weight loss is impossible without minimizing edible products until the complete starvation.

It seems to be not unreasonable: the fewer calories you eat, the more calories will spend own body.

Unfortunately, there is little that can be so far from the truth than such beliefs.

But then, how it is to be human food, seeking to lose weight?

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Proper nutrition for weight loss

Agree at once: the food that you have now, in any case, may not be suitable for weight loss. If it was normal, and the weight would be normal. It is logical? And if the body weight is in need of some correction, therefore, and the food at the moment is far from ideal.

And now it’s time for the most important information without which the weight loss will not occur. A proper diet for weight loss should be mandatory to supply the body less energy (calories) than the body needs this in its present rhythm of living.

Simply put, to lose weight, you need to force the body to spend their own energy resources – fats.

How to force the body to spend its own fat

Theoretically, there is nothing easier than to force the body to spend their own fat and thereby reduce body weight. We just need to:

  1. Either reduce the number of edible calories below that required for the sustenance of all the body’s needs (say, less than the subsistence minimum energy);
  2. Increase energy consumption by additional power inputs (sports, walk, work on the cottage, house, etc.);
  3. To connect the first and second points together to enhance the slimming effect.

Yes, in theory it gives a very simple, but for some reason, in practice, very few people succeed in losing weight. What is the reason?

The reason for failure in losing weight

Unsuccessful weight loss experiments are connected to the wrong implementation of the above items.

Reduced calorie diet clearly necessary. However, at the same time it must be observed and correct diet, otherwise the body very quickly slow down the metabolism so that even very low calorie diet will not help to lose weight.

The increase in energy consumption by increasing motor activity, in addition to a waste of energy, a very good effect on the appetite: it grows. And it may well happen that worked hard and hungry, we pounce on the food like hungry lions, and eat a lot more than what we eat under normal conditions. What happens from excessive amount of calories? That’s right: the weight increases.

What should be the proper diet for weight loss?

Proper nutrition people wanting to lose weight, should be completely excluded those products that lead to a rapid increase in body fat.

Also, this food should be possible to exclude fatty foods and foods containing fast carbohydrates.

On the contrary, in the diet should be sufficient amount of protein and slow forms of carbohydrates, whose caloric need to be balanced with the total amount of calories during weight loss.

Unfortunately, information on nutrition during the weight loss is so much that still fit quite difficult in a single article.

However, especially for this occasion I wrote a course for weight loss, which lists not only allowed and forbidden to eat food in the diet period, but given the approximate daily menus, which can be guided in order to reduce body weight.

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