Social Phobia: What is it and how to deal with it?

Social Phobia is an Anxiety Disorder, lately very common and widespread.

According to some scientific studies, it seems that the percentage of people who are suffering from it is growing.

It features more female and male sex and seems to start out more adolescent or early adulthood.

Among the causes of Social Phobia, the prevalence of Psychological Factors was highlighted.

Do you suffer from Social Phobia?

Then you know that the main feature of this disorder is the fear of interacting with others. It is a fear that manifests itself in the form of embarrassment and themes of humiliating or mocking you … But above all to receive negative judgments.

For this reason, avoid most social situations!

Your main fear is to be able to behave in a “wrong way” and be judged badly.

What matters most are the situations where you have to do something in front of other people, like talking in public or even just putting a signature?

Sometimes even talking on the phone or eating in the presence of others.

Social Phobia is also called Social Anxiety

In fact, this is an Anxiety Disorder that manifests itself sometimes, simply when you enter a place where there are other people.

This type of anxiety takes you without a reason and themes that others may perceive how you feel.

You are afraid of becoming red in your face or shaking … Do not be able to speak well or have a heartbeat.

Topics to not have the beat ready and to feel the embarrassment of silence!

Social Phobia manifests itself in two ways

You can experience it in the form of Social Anxiety only in some circumstances, for example, you are incapable of speaking in public, but you have no problems in other social situations.

You can feel it as Generalized Anxiety and you are concerned about all social situations.

If you are experiencing a serious and pervasive form, it could also be a Personality Avoidance Disorder.

Social Phobia, if neglected, remains stable and chronic and very frequently causes other disorders such as Depression.

How to cure Social Phobia

As with all Anxiety Disorders, even in Social Phobia, Psychotherapy has generally proven to be very effective.

Sometimes pharmacological treatments can be used to treat social phobia, but are usually ineffective.

Psychiatric drugs are basically based on two categories: benzodiazepines and antidepressants.

What you really need in Social Phobia is a recovery of your self-esteem, aiming to modify dysfunctional thoughts, on the other hand, to recover your internal resources to deal with the dreaded situations.

You must know that Dysfunctional or Irrational Convictions are thoughts that you make about the events you are involved with.

These thoughts stem from rigid and unattractive cognitive patterns that you have internalized over time, through your life experiences, and come into action when you face a social situation and you have to export to a possible judgment of others.

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