South Beach diet

South Beach Diet, a very famous diet that works 100%

The South Beach diet is a diet whose name comes from an area of Miami. It was carefully chosen by its creator to make it more commercial. It is known as a beach area; what our mind associates with a beautiful body. In short, what everyone wants, a body to show off.

This type of diet is more comfortable to make famous after a commercial name that anyone remembers and is easy to recommend, which makes it spread and acquire followers and people look for it without knowing what it is at first. Read the 7 benefits of vitamin D from the sun.

South Beach diet

South Beach diet

Here we detail what kind of diet is, how to carry it out, how much weight you can lose with it, what side effects you can have, and everything you need to know to get going.

A plan based on a low carbohydrate load

The South Beach diet is a modified feeding plan, a program that significantly restricts the intake of carbohydrates to reduce caloric intake. As we have already mentioned in other foods that action under this same system, the abusive use of carbohydrates (mainly simple) in our diet, makes a significant restriction quite simple; since we consume them in excess.

Generally, the restrictions of hydrates can be a health problem if we talk about a balanced diet. Generally, we make exaggerated use of these, so that a simple average adjustment can mean that we make our diet a balanced diet and also get us to do to lower the weight since it would suppose a reduction of the caloric contribution in the diet.

South Beach diet

In addition to restricting carbohydrates, the diet proposes a higher protein intake and a normalized consumption of healthy fats, eliminating saturated fats and processed products from the diet.

We must bear in mind that it is not a hyperproteic diet or anything like that, it is definitely a balanced diet with a lower intake of carbohydrates, which makes us lose weight quickly, since the fact of restricting our simple sugars from our diet makes us subtract calories from our contribution. You can find other similar diets such as the Low Carb Diet or the Pronokal protein diet.

Phases of the South Beach diet

South Beach diet

The diet is divided into 3 clearly differentiated phases, basically because during the phases a different objective is established.

During the first phase, it is intended to “detoxify” those foods that are harder to eliminate, are present in our diet and are an obstacle to weight loss; they are known as processed foods, simple sugars, refined foods, etc.

The idea is a plan of shock, because not only we intend in this phase to eliminate all that type of food that we should not consume more, but rather a comprehensive restriction of carbohydrates is proposed, in order to make the organism detect that it is not provided sugars and make a ” reset ” of your metabolic system, which will last two weeks.

You should base your diet on meats, fish, seafood, eggs, etc., basically proteins. You can consume vegetables, but it is recommended to do it in a crude way. The cooling system of the food must be steamed, cooked or grilled. Check the kidney disease symptoms:

Prohibited foods in the South Beach diet:

  • Animal fats.
  • Pre-cooked and processed foods.
  • Sugars.
  • Refined flour, biscuits, cookies.
  • Sweet.
  • Rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, tubers.
  • Fruits and juices.
  • Sugary Sodas.
  • Alcoholic drinks.

This type of reset is a stage that lasts two weeks in which our body undergoes a series of metabolic changes in which rapid weight loss occurs. During this stage it is not a balanced diet, it is a hyper-therapeutic diet such as the Dukan diet or the diet without carbohydrates, a safe bet for a quick but healthy weight loss?

What happens when we constrict the carbohydrates in our organism?

South Beach diet

The body needs carbohydrates to obtain energy, so a major restriction produces important metabolic changes. When we do not have hydrates to burn in the organism we resort to the accumulated fat in the adipose tissue to obtain energy; for this, the organism enters into a state of ketosis, this favors the loss of weight by burning the accumulated fat. You can find more information about this process in the ketogenic diet.

This state for a period not exceeding two weeks does not cause significant damage to the body and motivates an effective weight loss, but we must not exceed this time because it can have harmful consequences in our body.

During this first phase, you will lose 4 to 6 kilos of weight, an important loss and that will motivate us to start the second phase with desire and thus improve our physique quickly.

The second phase of the South Beach diet

South Beach diet

The second phase is a phase of food reintroduction in which we will include fruits, bread, pasta and cereals progressively and we can consume more carbohydrates. It is important that we do it progressively to accustom the organism to the reincorporation of the carbohydrates progressively so that the organism does not detect that they are being consumed again and decides to store them in the form of adipose tissue, in case we leave them again to consume as we have done before in phase 1.

It must be a long-term stage in which we will continue to lose weight even though more slowly, around 1 kilogram a week. It is an effective and healthy weight loss. During this stage we will reach our ideal weight, it does not have a specific duration, it depends on the weight we want to lose. Once the ideal weight has been achieved, we will begin the third phase.

The third phase of the South Beach diet

South Beach diet

Once the ideal weight has been reached, food restrictions are over, we can consume foods that have been banned until now, but we must bear in mind that they are not healthy, and therefore we should consume them with moderation or occasionally. Know the best meditation techniques.

Recommendations to lose weight in a healthy way

It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle based on a South Beach diet that guarantees a correct amount of nutrients that allow the body to develop. The balanced diets are ideal for losing weight gradually and healthily avoiding the rebound effect of this type of external or strict diets or with significant restrictions of the major food groups.

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