Teeth whitening with activated charcoal

Teeth whitening with activated charcoal is available to everyone!

A smile is the main attribute of a cheerful, sweet, sociable and charming person. Everyone dreams of laughing openly, and not embarrassed, but, unfortunately, not everyone is given this. The most important reason is a brown coating on the tooth enamel. Our life is too eventful, we are exposed to stresses, experiences and nervous splashes. Recollect, then we accompany breaks in work? Correctly – to drink a cup of coffee with colleagues is simply a sacred matter!

In addition, such breaks are accompanied by a cigarette – and this is a completely “hellish mixture” for tooth enamel. And even if you do not drink coffee, and tea – do not expect that this drink will not have any plaque. Remember, tea, coffee and cigarettes are the worst enemies of your snow-white smile. Of course, the above reasons do not mean that you should give up your preferences. Just need to know how to fix the situation and return the teeth to the original whiteness.

In any dental clinic, a service for teeth whitening is provided. Will do everything professionally, you really will come out with a perfect smile. But the fact is that the lack of time and the relatively high cost of such a service can be a real obstacle to the procedure on a regular basis. It is much more convenient and practical to keep your teeth in order at home and yourself. Keep reading http://www.keyportfamilydental.com/the-main-differences-between-dental-veneer-vs-crown/

Why use activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal. Who does not know this drug? Surely everyone remembers how in childhood, at the slightest digestion disorders, my mother gave several black tablets. But in fact, activated charcoal can be used not only for diarrhea or indigestion but also in many other cases.

For example, when losing weight. Yes, yes, do not be surprised! After all, these activated charcoal tablets are an excellent adsorbent and are able to remove toxins and toxins from the body. So it turns out that excess slags come out, the cells of the body receive exceptionally useful substances. Thus, the metabolism improves, blood circulation becomes more intense, excess fluid does not stay in the organs. Everything is aimed at adjusting the work of each system to get rid of excess weight.

Of course, you can use activated charcoal for teeth whitening only by strictly defined recommendations. In no case can you swallow your own use and hope for a miracle. There are special schemes for receiving activated charcoal powder http://www.keyportfamilydental.com here, and all information should be studied before proceeding with the regular use of activated charcoal.

Teeth Care Tips

Of course, teeth whitening with activated charcoal is not the only and the most reliable way to ensure a snow-white smile. No miracles, unfortunately, do not happen and therefore the following rules should be adhered to:

                 Reduce the use of tea, coffee, and cigarettes;

                 To conduct hygienic procedures of the oral cavity – brush your teeth twice a day;

                 To apply for rinsing special medicinal compounds – they are sold in pharmacies.


You cannot constantly brush your teeth with activated charcoal pastes only – the enamel will thin out as a result, health problems will begin. In this case, it is better to undergo treatment in a dental clinic. Professionals can both remove tartar and carry out caries treatment. After cleansing with activated charcoal, no one will give a guarantee that the microscopic crumbs of the tablet will not remain in the holes or hollows.

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