Thalassotherapy facts: how does it work in our skin?

The Thalassotherapy is a therapeutic method that uses seawater, mud, algae and sea breeze, as agents necessary for mental and physical balance even contain antitumor or antibacterial characteristics beneficial to every human being.

One of the main characteristics is that its techniques can be both natural and artificial, but, as a whole, all of them aim to take advantage of the elements of the entire marine environment to treat all types of injuries or ailments. Continue reading: How to get rid of a tan line?



Thalassotherapy comes from the Greek thalasso (sea) and therapeia (therapy). Its more than 80 elements are important for the proper functioning of the organism, which acquires balance through the process called OSMOTIC, where water fluids with low concentration of salts combine with other liquids with high amounts of nutrients.

The ideal temperature that this technique requires fluctuates between 35 and 37 ºC. The body needs to absorb ozone and iodine present in the air, in addition to sodium. These components are filtered through the pores, helping our skin to regenerate faster. Along with thermotherapy, it is one of the techniques with greater relaxing power to promote defenses in the body.

Thalassotherapy can be taken as a medical supplement in a specialized center or in direct contact with nature, the interesting thing is that with this second alternative you can also enjoy a natural massage by the waves and the movement of the sea.


As we know it can be used for the treatment or prevention of diseases, however there are some restrictions that must be taken into account before accessing this therapeutic alternative.

Thalassotherapy benefits

In cases of chronic processes or various problems in the locomotor system (rheumatism, osteoporosis) is a highly recommended technique. It also serves in the post-operative stage, or in respiratory (asthma, pharyngitis) or neurological conditions. It controls the process of dermal diseases such as psoriasis, improves vitality and is an excellent way to get rid of stress, insomnia or depression. Even women in the menopause stage reduce the symptoms of their condition.

In people with allergies, infectious diseases or cardiorespiratory diseases, it is contraindicated. Also in those that present severe hypertension, acute fever or cancer. It is very important to know if the place where we are going to start treatment has the basic hygiene measures and if your staff is competent for this function. Once the doctor gives the approval to start therapy, it will be he who will indicate the most appropriate technique for you.

The Thalassotherapy is a treatment that seeks to heal the body from various ailments through seawater. The therapeutic method consists of using the properties of seawater, such as sea salts, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chlorine, carbonates, sulfates and phosphates to relax the different parts of the body. And if required, the therapy is complemented by applications of algae, sand, mud and silt from the seabed.

Muscle problems, such as tendonitis and low back pain; circulatory problems, such as bruises, varicose veins and bleeding in the nose; and the famous stress have been overcome thanks to the therapy. In addition, if in some particular cases related to muscle tissues, under medical acceptance, this type of therapy can be combined with hydrokinesterapia, since it helps to work directly on the nervous system. Go ahead and try it.


The techniques uses are applied according to the indications given by the attending physician. According to the person, the possibility of combining all its elements or only restricting the use of seawater is evaluated.

Thalassotherapy techniques

Their results are seen when the treatment is maintained for a consecutive week in which the baths, showers or hot jets can be included.

The peloidoterapia employs peloids (mixture of organic and inorganic substances with mineral, marine or salt lake water) as well as pasammamoterapia (hot baths with sand) in order to give heat to the affected body area in search of relief of joint or muscle problems.

The algoterapia employs dried or fresh seaweed placed in hot water or in cataplasms (cover medicine envelopes). It is recommended for patients with glandular insufficiency or skin conditions.

Hydrokinesitherapy. It develops therapeutic exercises in the water, in a prepared pool.

The whirlpool is the best known of the 4 techniques. It gives a feeling of muscle relaxation and helps improve blood circulation. Water jets are applied under pressure in a bathtub of seawater.


Thalassotherapy has been used since ancient times for therapeutic purposes, but it was not until the beginning of the 20th century that its incredible usefulness was proven. The key is undoubtedly found in the chemical elements of the marine environment itself. Let’s see what its components are and why they are so beneficial to our body.


Sea water, the basic element to start the treatment, has substances similar to those seen in the blood plasma. In the marine liquid we find in a higher amount sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium and other elements in a lower percentage. Due to this similarity in the composition is possible the absorption of substances from the sea to the body (osmosis) helping to maintain the balance of the body.

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Seaweed has a positive effect on the body. With a content of vitamins, proteins and minerals so consistent our body is protected against the attack of bacteria or viruses, or the development of tumors. They are also used to treat diseases such as anemia or kidney infections.

The mud of the sea (mud) has an effect similar to that of algae because it contains among its components the same substances as the latter. Mud has natural minerals that it collects from water and earth (iron, magnesium, sulfur, copper) and geological like quartz, for example. The application method is to spread it on the body, covering it with special papers or fabrics that help to conserve heat.

In the sea breeze there is also one more of the benefits of thalassotherapy. Even when they are imperceptible, there are tiny drops of sea water that are confused in it to favor the immune system.


Thalassotherapy refers to a therapeutic technique whose principle is the use of the marine environment as a source of healing. Its name comes from the Greek terms thalasso (sea) and therapeia (therapy).


This natural method requires water that is not close to the shore. The water is sterilized and purified before being applied as a treatment. This technique makes use of diverse marine resources such as algae and mud or mud extracted from the sea.

There are traces of thalassotherapy from the writings of Hippocrates, in which advises the application of seawater for the relief of certain ailments. However, it was not until the 19th century that mass dissemination began thanks to the Quinton, who designed a saline solution based on seawater and began to market it.

Since the beginning of the last century, its use in treatments against tuberculosis, cholera or diarrhea has become popular. Its application must be exercised by specialists who know how to direct the treatments, according to the needs of the patient. You may also read:

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