trigeminal neuralgia

The causes of trigeminal neuralgia

In humans, there are 12 pairs of cranial nerves. Of all the nerve, the trigeminal nerve is the fifth. It is responsible for the sensitivity of the face. Trigeminal nerve located on opposite sides – to the right and the left. The trigeminal nerve is divided into three closure in the form of goose foot. Accordingly responsible for ocular (eye, upper eyelid, anterior temporal region and the forehead skin), maxillary (lower eyelids, nostrils region, the upper lip and cheek), mandibular (lower lip, the lower gums) area on the face.

Trigeminal nerve (optic neuritis) has a very strong pain. Basically sore lower part of the face and jaw. The pain is very strong, like an electric shock to the skin of the face cannot be touched. Usually, the pain occurs in only one half of the face.

To date, trigeminal neuralgia is not cured completely, perhaps only pain relief with medication, and if you have side effects, surgery is used.

So what are the causes of trigeminal neuralgia and is it possible to protect themselves from this disease try to understand.

trigeminal neuralgia
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Neuritis of the trigeminal nerve – The main causes of

Many doctors are of the opinion that neuritis arises from compression of the trigeminal nerve tumors or artery and a vein inside the skull. There are also some extra cranial problems that contribute to neuritis. These include various types of inflammation that occur in the oral and nasal cavities due to gingivitis, pulpitis.

Neuralgia is possible after diseases caused by viral infections such as herpes. You can add here a poor immune system, intense physical activity, the presence of stressful situations, plus frequent hypothermia.

Often the occurrence of trigeminal neuralgia provokes draft, affecting the facial area.

As a result of poor nutrition and the immune system decreases the body becomes open to many viral diseases.

Common symptoms

The most common symptom of a neuritis of the trigeminal nerve – is the emergence of severe periodic pain. Pain symptoms at the slightest touch the place where the nerve process, especially when brushing your teeth, washing your face, applying makeup, you cannot talk or even smile.

Since there is a pain in the upper or lower jaw, many people think that the reason patients teeth, and even after visiting the dentist and dental treatment, the pain does not go away.

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Methods of treatment of trigeminal neuralgia

It is also important to note that self-treatment is not worth doing. The earlier the disease is detected; the treatment will be more productively.

At an early stage of the disease prescribed reception antiviral, anticonvulsant and anti-inflammatory drugs. For pain used analgesics. To improve the state of the immune system prescribed vitamins. Also conducted physical therapy manipulation. These include UHF, magnetic and electrophoresis.

In the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia can use folk remedies. Possible to get rid of unpleasant feelings with the help of a decoction of yarrow or mountaineer amphibians.

The use of massage helps to relieve muscle tension. The massage is performed with both the facial skin and the muscles. During the massage is possible to improve circulation and blood tissue and inflamed nerve.

Prevention of trigeminal neuralgia

Full recovery cannot guarantee that none of the treatments. Facilitate overall perhaps a cure has not yet managed to anyone.

Therefore, to avoid a lot of problems, you need to eat right, maintain a healthy lifestyle, not supercool, especially in the face, not to carry out self, time to treat teeth.

It must be remembered that the occurrence of trigeminal neuralgia may occur due to atherosclerosis or cerebral tumor. When repetitive symptoms should immediately consult your doctor, maybe not terrible disease will be found, but this way you can protect yourself from the missed abnormalities.

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