things a woman wants to hear from her man

5 things a woman wants to hear from her man

Thousands of women have felt that concern, at some point in our lives, to change their look. And maybe it has not been only once. We want to try colors, cuts, and styles that we see in many places and that often do not turn out as we want. In this article, we suggest things a woman wants to hear from her man.

Things a woman wants to hear from her man

things a woman wants to hear from her man

Do not try to imitate anyone

One of the biggest mistakes we make is asking for a look exactly like we saw someone else. However, it is clear that we will not see the same as JLo or Rihanna for multiple reasons. What favors one will not always favor the other. If you do it this way, it is very likely that you will not be satisfied. You may also like: Face mask of gelatin and activated charcoal: Rules of use

Find the nuance that suits you

things a woman wants to hear from her man

Do not be afraid to try tones that you think you do not have. Bertha assures us that the tones are left to everyone but the most important thing is to make sure that the shade used is the right one for you. For example, it is better than people with dark skin do not choose bright colors but matte so that the color reflection does not change their look. Do not say no to the red ones but rather ask “Of the red ones, which one is the one that favors me the most?”

Analyze your lifestyle

Lifestyle is super important to choose a look and sometimes it is the last thing we think. If you can not take the time to fix your hair, better leave your hair long. So you can pick it up in a ponytail and look good. The same goes for fringes: they usually need a lot of attention and care.

Take into account your height and type of face

Analyze your lifestyle

To know if a cut or dye will suit you, it is also important to analyze your height and even the shape of your face. You can choose any style, but you will realize that some will make you look better. That is why it is so important that the decision of what you want is completely personalized.

Break tabues

Short hair will not always make you look bigger, nor the fringes younger. Dare to break tabues and try what you never believed. But Bertha reminds us of the importance of letting you be advised by an expert so that you do not regret the next day, they can tell you what is best for you and how you will look beautiful with your change of look. You may also like:

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