types of face creams

Anti-smog beauty strategies: 11 types of face creams

The season with the highest rate of “greyness” has begun, with the fine powders that from the planar air on our face: but now there are effective beauty products to obtain – and maintain – a pristine skin. In this article, we show 11 types of face creams that used anti-smog beauty.

The atmospheric pollution of large cities creates imbalances in the epidermis, and the skin reacts differently depending on the type of environmental aggressions. Without forgetting the insidious electro-smog. Keep reading: How to match eye shadow and eye color

Types of face creams

types of face creams

In this high-emission season, boosted by the heating of buildings. The winning strategy is to adopt a daily beauty routine that protects the skin in the daytime and, at night, regenerates the tissues. Here is the selection of the most suitable types of face creams for this purpose.


Against the external aggressions in the city like pollution and free radicals, to apply after the usual day treatment: it resists heat, humidity, and sweat.


It helps the skin counteract daily stress factors, has moisturizing properties and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores and wrinkles.


Complete protection against pollution and UVA and UVB rays. The formula enriched with baicalin and extract of natural capers ensures antioxidant protection.

types of face creams


A mix of components with a detoxifying action that gives the face a healthy and luminous appearance: it nourishes, moisturizes, decongests and also guarantees a purifying action, while it soothes the epidermis.


Plant mother cells combined with a complex of antioxidant actives, with a light texture: it strengthens the skin barrier and protects it from external aggression, in particular from pollution and UV rays.


An SPF 15 cream that ensures daily anti-pollution protection thanks to the polysaccharides of Alga Laminaria digital and the extract of Moringa. It prevents the deposition of heavy metals and smoke in the epidermis. And high molecular weight hyaluronic acid gives nourishment. You may like also: http://fitnessfinders.mobi/2017/05/04/masks-for-different-skin-types/


Antioxidant treatment night, able to stimulate the antioxidant defenses of the skin against oxidative stress: it helps to protect and reinforce the natural skin defenses, reduces the imperfections and the visible effects of the degradation of collagen.


Moisturizing cream with plant milk and seaweed extract provides 48 hours of hydration, soothes and protects from pollution. With the scent of Freesia, Orange Blossom and Wood.

types of face creams


Balsam in oil remover for dry skin, offers a double cleansing: on the surface, removes from the skin the residues of pollution, dust, and make-up; in-depth, eliminates excess sweat, sebum, and dead cells. With the scent of jasmine, lotus flower and white gardenia.


Moisturizing liquid penetrates quickly hydrating in depth. Gel texture, fresh and light.


It is the last types of face creams. This anti-pollution cream with a silky consistency slides over the skin creating an invisible layer of protection against free radicals. Without oils or perfumes.

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