What are the benefits of walnut blemish for the body?

The whole world knows that the walnut is useful and tasty. Most people add it to cereal, cottage cheese, yogurt, and other healthy breakfast. To begin with, we consider that the answer to the question, what is the use of walnut for the body?

For example, many people make of it lotions, tinctures, decoctions and all this to maintain health or just to make the prevention of certain disorders of the body.

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The structure of the nut includes a plurality of different elements that are useful and beneficial influence on the human body as a whole. The full range includes vitamins, A, PP, E, C, and K. When the nut is still green and small in it, the greatest amount of vitamin C. It is made of green fruit make lotions on your knees when aching joints, rheumatism. To prepare the needed nuts (small and green, for that matter), they will need a pint, and then they need to fill in with vodka.

This infusion is necessary to insist for about three weeks, until it becomes dark, then you can put it on the sore spots. It is advisable to do this process at night, pour a small amount of cotton wool, and then attach to harassing you part of the body, wrap film (this needs to be done in order to warm the affected area) then you need to wrap a warm cloth. This procedure is desirable proselyte a day to skin a rest from the fumes of alcohol.

The composition includes walnut micro and macro elements, such as calcium, phosphorus, iodine, selenium, magnesium, selenium, copper, sulfur, zinc, iron. Many people like to use this nut every day. And they do very well, because the nutrients are beneficial to the work of the brain of the system. Benefit is that people can seize the memory, help brain activity to resume violation cells. It is especially useful for children of school age.

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Many experts say that you need every day to eat 2 nut for both adults and children. But this is not all that is in the nuts, tannins, bioflavonoids, essential oils, fatty acids. For example, walnut oil helps the skin to always look fresh and radiant. Many cosmetologists recommend it for dry skin, because this oil nourishes the skin of the face and hands, and at the same time retains moisture. Also for the combined skin they recommend to mix nut oil with vitamins, it may be vitamin A or vitamin E. If you like to put on night cream in it, you can also add a few drops of oil. This will help your skin look taut elastic and gives it a healthy look.

Also, a positive fact is that you can satisfy your hunger with the help of a nut, because the nutrients and caloric content is equivalent to the calories in milk, meat and potatoes. Nut you can easily replace a full snack at work. Also, experts say that a person who eats a day 5-7 nuts on average live longer than 5-8 years than those who did not consume it. Their studies have shown that nut acts on the body to help support the immune system, renews intestinal microflora, strengthens the work of the heart of the system, reduces the pressure and removes toxins, prevents constipation, helps increase the hemoglobin, stimulates memory, strengthens brain activity and stimulates it helps combating diabetes, normalizes the endocrine system.

The composition of walnut also includes zinc, which is responsible for the sexual glands, it helps to normalize the function of the prostate, normalizes blood testosterone levels, due to such actions, zinc helps to speed up the vital activity of sperm.

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