What is Shyness? How to win it?

The word shrinkage is used to indicate a form of discomfort and embarrassment that is felt in contact with other people.

A discomfort leads to avoid taking the initiative and keeps it in a state of difficulty communicating with others, even if there is a desire to get in touch.

Generally, one considers the shy person as a person of the reserved temperament and unattractive to the company of others.

The Shyness is a character trait and should not be confused with the Social Phobia. In fact, in social phobia, relational discomfort is much more serious and leads to isolation and depression.

Though not being a disease, shyness is a discomfort that can create considerable difficulties and when it becomes complicated, it can result in Social Phobia.

Timid people fear the new and the unpredictable.

What’s the problem?

The problem of the shy person is in thought mode …

In fact, shy expresses in thought a double and unconscious assessment.

  • On the one hand, I overestimated the task that has to be done, making it difficult at the level of thought.
  • On the other hand, underestimate its resources and capabilities.

This mechanism of thought creates a strong Anxiety and Apprehension.

How to Win Shyness

To overcome shyness you must be deeply motivated to change.

First of all, in small steps, you must approach and gradually expose yourself to situations that are feared and then create a habit.

At the same time, you can start working on your own thinking trying to break things down into various parts.

In fact, Anxiety is often due to an overall situation, as if it were an indivisible whole, seeing the problem as insurmountable.

By subdividing a problem situation into a number of elements to be addressed and resolved, you gain greater security and act more effectively.

In order to overcome shyness, in reality, we must abandon generalized considerations and preconceptions about ourselves, coming out of the conviction: “I’m shy.”

Indeed, it may be helpful to begin to understand the circumstances that induce shyness, so we might try to understand in what circumstances, when and with whom we are shy.

Finding the circumstances that create anxiety and shyness could begin to analyze the underlying thoughts of shyness to replace them with thoughts that are more powerful.

In this way, we can gain more mastery of ourselves and develop our social skills.

In fact, to reduce the anxiety, it is necessary to strengthen the feeling of control and mastery of situations.

In summary …

  • Find out the situations that create Anxiety
  • Understand what are the thoughts that accompany Anxiety
  • Replace this thinking mode with a more functional mode

In this way we can regain control of our lives.

Indeed, Anxiety slowly and gradually creeps into our minds, through the production of tensed thoughts, produced by ourselves.

If encouraged he digs a pit, where all other thoughts are attracted.

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