You feel apathetic? Do this and you do not fall into depression

The brain must purify and apathy serves this empty: if you do not fight, becomes an ally that dispels anxiety and depression.

When you feel listless, devoid of desires and interests, in an empty word, you have two paths in front of you. You may think that this feeling is a symptom of an uninteresting life, you can blame yourself, or even run for cover, looking for something to distract you: so though cluttering your mind even more. You can say: “Unless this was a gift? If it was an indication that my inner life is sending me? And if you shoot in defense, I let you do? “.

It may seem a strange thought, but when life is filled with stereotypical actions and the head of toxic thoughts, the feeling that the soul we see is just the vacuum, and does so as a spontaneous self-care system through silence and emptiness tries to detoxify and rejuvenate.

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The feeling of emptiness and coldness does not mean that we are a victim of depression; on the contrary, our soul is pushing us to seek a more personal space, a den to retreat, one inaccessible space to the “Surface opinions” in which to be themselves again.

To help us the best gateway is what the ancient Chinese had called wu-wei: “effortless action”, an inner state of active contemplation, a silent state of being equipped with a great creative power. Here’s how to activate it.

An exercise to regain the essence

Choose a comfortable environment, with low lights. Make yourself comfortable, perhaps on a mat. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and surrender to the dark … let outside noise you make more and more remote and directs your mind in the dark … Take a good look and try to imagine the darkness emerges a river of words: are phrases that repeat every day, to yourself or to others … mentally your day and phrases that you say, let them resonate in you, one by one, the distant echo … phrases like every day, the words of your habits, always the same every day … keep and let them huddle in the dark … Let them float away … You can still see them while slowly slides deeper, deeper, in a place where there is only silence … and silence …

Now you’re empty silence in the company, in your inner silence that envelops you like a warm lair there and blow … the words still floating on the surface but you are now far away, in the depths of the void … you feel it expand in the head, in the chest, in the p reed … Are you in the silence … In the dark no more words to blossom feel a sense of joy that expands like a flower … Stay a few moments with these images ..

Take a deep breath and, when desired, can open his eyes and conclude so the experience.

The imagination runs depression

Generally everyone we are projected to the outside and at the mercy of others. The practice of this exercise, to be carried out once a week, makes it possible to move the axis of the attention toward the deepest core and silent.

Eliminate unnecessary words and concerns helps us become essential. It is slowly alter your outlook on life, is your behavior. It is in the take of emptiness and silence, as the den to retreat, which bloom the first shoots of an attitude and a new mentality, the best antidote to depression.

Almost without realizing it give more space to the inner silence will be the bearer of unexpected gifts: new meetings, job opportunities, unexpected joys. When it is no longer the mind to direct your life, but others were deeper energy, then you instinctively them into the right path. Living in depth, and not on the surface, heals all the ills of the soul and body!

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