3 Things To Do Before Buying Land for a Country Home


A home in the country has many advantages, from cleaner air and more yard space to enjoying a slower-paced lifestyle. The lower cost of land outside of city limits makes it an enticing place to build a custom home. Before you sign that contract for country acreage of your own, do these three important things.

Check the Availability of Utilities

If the lot has no utility services, you will have to provide these yourself. To dig a water well El Campo on the property, you need to make sure your purchase includes water rights to the land. Look into the expense of installing a propane tank or solar panels for your electrical needs and a septic system to handle the sewage.

Consult With a General Contractor

Consult with a general contractor to estimate how much it will cost to build your home on the property you are considering. It is sometimes difficult to find skilled craftspeople in rural areas, which may mean any workers would charge extra to work on your site. Delivery of all your supplies and building materials will likely cost more as well. Your contractor may have suggestions on similar alternate parcels that could save you money on building expenses.

Verify the Zoning Requirements

The realtor selling you the land may tell you about the zoning requirements, but it is always a wise idea to check them yourself. Contact the city, county and state authorities to determine if the zoning ordinances allow you to build the home you are planning on the land. Ask about any plans in the works to build an airport, shopping center or subdivision nearby to avoid a future surprise.

Doing these three things will help you determine if that parcel in the country you are considering is the right one for your new country home.

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