How to match eye shadow and eye color


The eyes are the window to the soul, so finding the right eye shadow to enhance and complement the color of your eyes is essential. Learning how to combine eye shadow and eye color can be tricky because there are many options. Find the right eye shader to enhance and complement the color of your eyes with our how to match eye shadow guide.

How to match eye shadow

If you have dark eyes, blue eyes, green eyes or hazel eyes there are eyeshadows that are designed and coordinated for each eye color. There are also many different forms of eyeshadows that are available in cream form or higher pigmented forms like MAC, which are made to be more vibrant in color and more durable. Whatever your preference, there are different ways you can choose to accentuate your eye color and make it stand out. Keep reading: 5 tips for a more beautiful skin in 5 days

Accents on the color of the eyes

Each of us has a general eye color, but many people also have other accents of color in their eyes. Often the beauties of exotic brown eyes have shades of gold or green.

Blue eyes may have gray and green accents. Women with beautiful honey hazel eyes have a multitude of different colors and often their eyes change color.

The green-eyed beauties usually have orange or brown spots within the color of their eyes. So, with so many different accents it can often be difficult to determine which eyeshadow looks best.

In the article, written by Chrissy Dolezal, she discusses a letter composed by makeup artist Robert Jones, which gives examples of the best eyeshadows for her eye color.

Blue: Warm and rich browns, warm taupe and soft peaches

Green and Hazelnut: golden brown, warm taupe, pure deep, soft peaches and soft violets.

Gray: Charcoal, fresh brown and purple.

Brown: Knock yourself out … Lucky women come to wearing any color they want!

The best way for a woman to learn how to combine the eyeshadow and eye color is by determining two factors. These factors are the color of the individual’s eye and the rest of its characteristics, such as hair and skin. Just because someone with blue eyes and dark brown hair looks good with a certain eyeshadow does not mean they will look the same in another person with different colors of hair, eye color, and skin color.

Choose eyeshadow according to the color of the eyes

Dark eyes

Women with dark eyes, usually have darker skin tones, so it can come out with more variety, than someone with a lighter color of the eyes, skin, and hair. The colors that tend to be more complimentary for women with the darker eye colors are eyeshadows that are opposite to the color of the person’s eyes.

Therefore, someone with dark eyes would usually go with a smoky gray or dark eggplant eyeshadow color. For some of us, these can be a bit extreme, so there is nothing wrong with sticking to good browns and neutral colors.

Neutral colors like browns and warm bronze eyeshadows are a great way to improve your eye color while not feeling as if you are too composite. They also add a nice touch of color that may seem more natural. You may like also the difference between cotton and linen: 

Blue eyes

Women with blue eyes look better with warm brown shades and peach. This is because these colors are complementary colors to the blue color. When applying the eyeshadow makes the eyes stand out.

Green eyes / hazel eyes

Women with green eyes or hazel eyes look better with golden browns and deep purple. The shades of purple eyes compensate the color of green in his eyes and the other stands out of color inside his eyes.

Types of Eye Shadows

If you are looking for long-lasting eye shadow or one that stays put without spots and ending somewhere other than the eyelids, there are many varieties available.

Below is a list of different eyeshadows and their purposes:

  • Cream eye Shadows – Remains on and usually lasts several hours without fading.
  • Pigmented eyeshadows – Concentrated in color and generally very vibrant, not for those who are afraid of color.
  • Powder eye Shadow – Less concentrated but provides the right amount of color. The color tends to fade after a while.
  • Liquid eyeshadows – These are in liquid form during application and dried to a matte finish. These are best used by professionals or people who are professionals in applying makeup.

Cost effective eyeshadows Vs high-end cosmetics

It all comes down to personal preference and the amount of money you would like to spend on cosmetics. Most brands that are in pharmacies have similar, but the same ingredients.

If you have extra money and would like to try an expensive brand like MAC, you can mix and match as many samples as you want. This allows you to try an expensive brand without spending tons of money.

This is great because you can see if you like the colors you bought and how you are facing your regular brand of eyeshadow. If you like, then you can invest in buying the largest size.

Eyeshadows according to your wardrobe clothes

When buying an eyeshadow it is important to consider the color of your clothes in your wardrobe. You do not want to buy eyeshadows that clash with your clothes.

Avoid the bright and eye-catching colors of the eyeshadows because they will not do justice to the color of your eyes. They will only attract unwanted attention to your eyelids.

The best rule of thumb to follow is to always adhere to neutral eyeshadow colors if you have a dark colored lipstick.

The same thing happens if you have dark eyeshadow, then use a neutral lip color would be ideal.

Too much color can make a person look overly done and less natural.

In conclusion

When women learn to combine eye shadow and eye color they are able to accentuate their eyes by drawing the other colors into the eyes. This helps define the eyes and make them stand out in a subtle way. Eyeshadows can be used to add a dramatic effect to the eyes, and can also be used to give them just enough color to help them stand out. There are many different forms of eye shadows, creams, liquids to powders and highly pigmented types.

So, it is up to you to choose the form that is right for you. Many eyeshadows are made with similar ingredients. So, although the most expensive eyeshadows may be popular, there are also good brands found in pharmacies. How to match eye shadow? Hopefully, you get your answer.


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