Having a Clear out Before you Sell Your House


If you are planning to move house in the near future, something to consider doing before you go and start looking and put your home on the market, is a clear out. Decluttering your house will not only make it easier for you when you move (as well as the fact that you won’t have to take a lot of stuff that you don’t use with you) but will also make your home less cluttered and more appealing to potential buyers who come to look around your property.

Decluttering can feel like a really overwhelming job, so doing one room at a time is a good idea. This way, you can break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks and you will not have to take on a huge job all in one go. In each room make a list of the areas that you want to tackle, and you can do them in order – that way you won’t have to get everything out in one go. For example, in the bedroom, clearing out the wardrobe might be the first priority.

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Some things you might want to keep but are finding it hard to find the space to store them. The answer to this is to create more storage. Outdoor storage is great – something like a shed or an outdoor storage trunk is a useful place to store garden equipment and tools that might be taking up space in the house. If you have things that you want to keep but don’t need to use often, somewhere like this self storage Swindon based storage facility www.anchorselfstorage.co.uk/self-storage/swindon/ is a great way to keep it for when you want it without having it cluttering up the house.

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Something else that is a potential benefit of having a de-clutter is the opportunity to make a bit of money – and if you are planning to move house, every penny counts! Things that are in good condition that you no longer need can be sold at a car boot sale or online on second-hand sites like Shpock for example, or if it is clothes that you are selling, use a specific clothing app like Vinted.

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