Signs that you need to take a duvet-day


Do you feel stressed? Do you feel that a day of rest would rejuvenate you? You might need a duvet-day. In a recent study, it was not surprising that a third believed duvet days were a good idea, and helped with anxiety and stress.

Here are some signs that you may need a day under the duvet:

Rest is essential for a happy and healthy lifestyle. We are all too used to working hard and then feeling the consequences. Take time to listen to your body. Resting the mind and body makes us more productive and energetic. We can respond to our busy schedules positively and not simply react.

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As a society, we are increasingly aware that mental and physical well-being are equally important. Duvet days are just as important when you feel mentally exhausted.

Wouldn’t you love it if employers were able to recognise when their employees felt anxious or stressed and prescribed a duvet-day for their wellbeing? You may need a duvet-day if you have exhausted all of your usual coping mechanisms and are feeling tired, grumpy, or not yourself.

You will be happier working from home. It can be difficult to concentrate when you are in an office with a lot of people. You may feel overwhelmed and perform less well. Maybe a laptop and duvet-day can help you get your groove back. You might find that the convenience and flexibility of working at your own pace is just what you need to finish a project. For Cheap Laptops, go to

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You feel a little off, whether it’s mentally or physically. You can recharge your batteries, and return to the office more productively and effectively.

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