The Best Breeds of Dogs and Cats for Retired People


When you reach retirement age, there are many changes to your life – without work to tie you down you are free to do what makes you happy. You might want to go on a round the world cruise, or you might want to find a home that suits you better for retirement like these Gloucester park homes for sale for example

Something else that many older people like to do now that they have more time is to look for a pet. Pets are great companions and also can help both our physical and mental health – for example, walking a dog can help you to be fit and active, and the purring frequency of a cat helps to heal broken bones faster!

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Making the right choice of pet in retirement is essential – for example, you might want a dog, but an energetic collie is probably not going to fit in well with the life of a retired person, unless you are running a working farm!

However, here are some of the best dog and cat breeds that are well suited and can provide you with many years of retirement happiness and companionship…

King Charles Cavalier Spaniel – These sweet little dogs often top the polls when it comes to a laid back and loveable companion breed. They do not need loads of exercise and are perfectly happy spending time with their owners snuggled up on the sofa too. Make sure that you get them from a Kennel Club registered breeder that does all the appropriate health tests, as there are genetic problems unfortunately in this breed.

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Bichon Frise – Another popular companion bred, the snuggly little Bichon Frise has the face of a teddy bear – and is just as cuddly. They love to spend time with their owners and are not a high energy breed, so fit in well with a retired person.

Ragdoll – These gentle giants are renowned for being the most laid back cats out there. Placid and affectionate, ragdoll cats are very attached to their owners and being low energy are easy to care for – just make sure that you give them all the affection that they require!

British Shorthair – Another laid back cat breed is the British short hair. Blue is the most common colour for these gorgeous cats, but they come in an array of other colours too. Their easy-going nature and gentle temperaments are what make them so popular.

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