Your in my spot – The battle for the sofa space


Well there might not be many of us who share the same intellectual capacity and sheer OCD thoroughness  of Sheldon Cooper  from The Big Bang Theory,  there is one thing that many of us will have in common with him.  This is our desire to pick a “spot”  on the sofa that is forever ours and that no one should consider trying to sit in. Sheldon has chosen the position at the far left-hand side of the couch because it affords him a great view of the television while still being able to dip into conversation if he feels it necessary to be involved.  It also allows him to take advantage of a thorough draft on a hot day.

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Be it a modern or  Vintage Sofa the debate about someone’s spot is never ever going to end. Sheldon has cleverly placed his spot  in a state of “eternal dibs”  so that no one and nothing can override this and sit in the seat.  This point is constantly proven when visitors visit the apartment and accidentally sit in Sheldon’s spot or Penny sits in it out of spite, again.

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Sheldon views his spot as a place as the one consistency that he has in his life and this is also something that can be quite relatable to all of us.  Making sure you’ve got a decent sofa, and a spot to sit in, can be one of the most calming and well-being-inducing feelings in the world.

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